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Does anyone have experience in a Breast Care Center? One of the hospitals I rotated through for clinicals was establishing a center with an NP to see pre-ops and post-ops. I scrubbed several breast cases during that clinical and all were assisted by the general surgergy PA's so I'm not sure what opportunities might exist in terms of OR time. If anyone has seen or experienced this type of oncology setting please share!  It's a subspecialty I had not considered before but could be so fulfilling and personally rewarding. 

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    • By kmw2008
      Hey guys! I'll be starting a pediatric hematology / oncology rotation soon. I would love recommendations on books/resources to help me prepare. TIA
    • By Jchen14
      Hi everyone,
      prospective PA here. I'm wondering if there are any PAs here that have practiced in oncology or were/are hospitalists that work closely with cancer patients. I find cancer to be a fascinating field that earns the respect of the most empathetic healthcare professionals. The nurses on the oncology unit where I work are outstanding in terms of quality of care. I haven't seen many oncological PAs in the hospital - only MDs or DOs. I want to hear about your experiences and what you do on the daily. What are your struggles on the job? What do you love about your job? How is oncology practice different from other specialties? Thanks in advance :)
    • By futurepa777
      I'm in an accelerated PA program in Massachusetts. In January I'll be starting my year of rotations and I have an interest in oncology. My program does not offer any rotations in oncology, so I found the application for the Dana Farber Adult oncology rotation. Has anyone applied or participated in this rotation? If so, any advice is appreciated.
      I've also looked at the MD Anderson application and was happy to see they offer a pediatric oncology option as well so I may apply there too.
    • By annieng05
      Hi Everyone,
      I have been a PA for 5 years now with 4 years experience in BMT, Hematology/Oncology.  My current job, which I have been at for 2 years now merged with a larger oncology organization about 1.5 years ago.  However, for some reason, my practice is "financially separate" from the large organization for a certain number of months (which we were told was up in April 2017 and we would be fully "owned" by the large company).  Anyways, the large company has increased all advanced providers salaries to the "median" salary (and I have no clue where they got their information from), but those of us in this "separate" practice had a very minimal raise last year and nowhere near what the other APPs are at.  Here are the details of my position:
      Hours: M-F 8:30am-5pm
      No weekend, no call, no major holidays (we are a outpatient clinic)
      Hematology Anticoagulation clinic 3.5 days per week (avg. 10-12 patients per day)
      Oncology 1.5 days per week (11-16 patients on the full day onc; 5-7 patients on the 1/2 day onc)
      Chemotherapy teaching sessions (1 hour long)- approximately 2 per day
      Genetic screening visits- about 1 per week (for me for now since I'm just now learning it)
      Add ons- triage calls come in - usually 1-2 per day
      My current salary is $98,900
      Would you say this is average?  I live in San Antonio.  What are some good sites to get salary information from so when I'm ready to ask for a raise, I have something substance to back me.
      Thank you!
    • By krob0
      Has anyone ever done an elective rotation at MD Anderson?
      I am very interested in applying but so far all of the housing options are more than $1000 a month (plus the rent I already pay for my apartment by my school). I am trying to weigh the price vs the benefits and experiences that I could gain at MD Anderson.
      Any advice would be appreciated!
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