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  1. Hello everyone, I recently took a position in an inpatient BMT group and there is an issue with the scheduling. They are actively hiring and 1 more position. We currently have 6 people. I used to work 3 - 12 1/2 shifts per week with 1 week of 4 - 12 1/2 hr shift during the month in a previous role. We initiated 12 hour shifts here at this institution a few months ago to help with continuity of care, however, we have people working 5-6 days in a row!! Which is think it crazy. We are having to pick up "extra" shifts because we are at a high census and low staff. The assistant director
  2. Hi everyone, I am considering going to part time from full time. My wife and I own a financial services business and I want to spend more time on my business. How do I go about bringing this up to my supervisor and management?? What would you say? Thanks for your advice! Andrea
  3. I am not an aapa member. I submitted a request for my current job to cover the cost and they of course never got back to me. So I do not have access to the salary report.
  4. Hi Everyone, I have been a PA for 5 years now with 4 years experience in BMT, Hematology/Oncology. My current job, which I have been at for 2 years now merged with a larger oncology organization about 1.5 years ago. However, for some reason, my practice is "financially separate" from the large organization for a certain number of months (which we were told was up in April 2017 and we would be fully "owned" by the large company). Anyways, the large company has increased all advanced providers salaries to the "median" salary (and I have no clue where they got their information from), but
  5. I recently declined the offer. We will not be moving to MI!
  6. Does anyone know anything about Locums work in San Antonio? What is a reasonable offer? Is locums work paid hourly? I thought it would be a good idea to do locums while I look for a permanent position in SA. My wife has a potential job opportunity there, so I'm starting to look into this now. Does anyone know the PA salaries (average) in SA? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know what the average salaries for PAS in Boston? 2 years experience and looking for a position in Bone Marrow Transplant. Thank you :)
  8. They told me they are calling my moving expense a "sign on bonus" and that is their reasoning for spliting up the $1200. I think that is very stingy. $1200 probably wouldn't even cover the cost of moving my apartment let alone half of that!
  9. I was rather dissapointed in that offer as well. $600 will not allow us to move from NYC to MI. I countered again. We will see what happens. We have the opportunity to either move to Detroit or Boston. We are currently weighing our options, but I will not settle for that 80K offer. I am worth more than that.
  10. Anyone know what a decent salary offer is in Boston? Internal Medicine, Bone Marrow Transplant?
  11. Offer came back with no increase in pay, $1200 in moving expenses with half of that paid up front, the other half 6-12 months later. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed. $600 moving from NYC will not help at all. My wife has an opportunity for a position in Boston and we are seriously considering it.
  12. From my previous position to BMT, it was a 7K jump. I thought it was a good deal. And I really like what I'm doing now. :) Although looking to relocate to another state because the COL is just too overwhelming here. Can't take it anymore!
  13. The cost of living here is unbelievable! I pay tolls, MTA fees, parking sometimes.... I make close to 90K with 2 years experience. The COL has really pushed us over our limits and we are now looking to move out of state. I was recently offered a job in Detroit (don't knock it--I'm from there!). I believe it's too low, but I countered. They offered 80K for Bone Marrow Transplant (I have 8 months training from a NYC hospital). We will see where it goes.
  14. I am currently working at a top hospital in NYC in Bone Marrow Transplant. I recently interviewed at a hospital in Detroit (I am a native Detroiter). They offered me 80K. I thought that was low and countered. I have 2 years total experience with 8 months specialized training in Bone Marrow Transplant. What do you think of this offer?
  15. Same here. No contract. It is actually better this way. You can resign whenever you want (granted that you give them adequate amount of notice--usually the amount of PTO time you have.) Just have this "offer" put in writing..ie email.
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