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  1. Hi, Yes, I have seen her emails, and applied to a few as well as spoken to the career center and alumni services. They didnt have much to offer other than I'm not the only one still looking and that I just need one place to say yes. I am getting interviews, but they always end with the person with more experience being chosen even if they say in the posting or interview that they are open to new grads. Now that its getting further from graduation I feel like I need to be doing something relevant in order not to have a big gap, but I'm not sure what.
  2. Hi, I am a dec 2018 grad board certified with a MA license, but having a lot of difficulty finding a job due to the "3-5 years experience" clause and the fact that many places are now giving priority to NP. A few months back family members had suggested I get a job as an MA but I dismissed the idea as I wanted to spend more time looking for a PA position and didn't think I would be hired as one without having completed a formal Medical Assisting program. Now over 6 months post graduation with no job offers and loan payments coming in, a few medical professionals have now mentioned the idea again. So before I start applying I wanted to see if any one has done this or knows if it is allowed? The other hurdle of course would be if the employer would hire knowing that I would be looking for a PA position... thoughts?
  3. Hi, Thanks for replying. I have tried my University career center, however they just reviewed my resume and said unfortunately the hunt is alot about who you know and verified that I had tried contacting my most recent rotations for any leads. They also suggested looking for posts that specify new grad friendly however those have been few and far between and 3 of them I interviewed for ended up not taking the new grad after all. We did a mock interview that was recorded before leaving the program and I got good feedback on that. I'll try the alumni page on LinkedIn .
  4. Hi, I graduated in december 2018, passed the boards, got my license, but have been struggling to find a job as a new grad. Everyone wants at least 2 years experience, no matter big name or no name or wants an NP. Now 6 months out of school with loans about to kick in I'm getting discouraged, but have too much of a debt burden to move out of state. The gap since graduation has started to come up in interviews as well and I anticipate it will only get worse. Any tips or leads? I've contacted old precptors, have an updated linkedin account and actively apply daily, but just curious if there are any other strategies people used as a recent grad. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm in an accelerated PA program in Massachusetts. In January I'll be starting my year of rotations and I have an interest in oncology. My program does not offer any rotations in oncology, so I found the application for the Dana Farber Adult oncology rotation. Has anyone applied or participated in this rotation? If so, any advice is appreciated. I've also looked at the MD Anderson application and was happy to see they offer a pediatric oncology option as well so I may apply there too. Thanks!
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