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  1. Hi Everyone, I have been a practicing PA for 3 year in the same job. I am considering a new position, specifically an APP fellowship in Oncology. I have always wanted to transition to oncology but with the current job market, I have found this to be difficult at present. I have applied but go unanswered, even with 3 years of experience. I have made some adjustments on my resume and was wondering if anyone was willing to look it over and make critiques. Is anyone willing to share their own resumes? If so, reply with your email and I would love to be in touch. Thanks!
  2. Great, thanks for the advice! I will be on permanent evenings with the occasional need to cover night or day shift, which I believe will be rare. I figure if working 4 days a week then that’s still 3 days having evenings at home or out with the SO which seems doable.
  3. I will be starting my first job as a hospitalist PA working the evening shift (2pm-midnight). Does anyone have any advice for working this shift such as morning and sleep schedules? Do you feel like you lose your social life a bit? Just love to get some insight from people who have or are working this shift. I have no kids but live with a SO who works days. The job is just a certain # of shifts per quarter and working ~every other weekend
  4. Hi everyone, I graduate in less than 2 months and am applying to jobs. So far, i have heard nothing in return. I applied to a position that I am very interested in about 1 week ago. What are everyone's thoughts on follow up calls to the hiring manager? In this particular situation, there was no phone number on the posting but I found a name on their website I could ask for when calling the office. Any advice on whether this is appropriate? What should I be prepared to say/ask on this call? Is 1 week to soon to call? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone, I will be a new grad soon and looking for employment. My number 1 city I plan to look in for employment has significantly more NP job postings than PA. Has anyone had luck getting an interview from an NP posting? Or better yet, an offer? Were you basically convincing them why PA is better? Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Thank you both so much for your advice and encouragement. Only problem I face with PSLF is more than half of my loans are private through my school. Again, probably a big mistake but I did not understand much about this when I applied for aid and the interest rate was much lower. So unfortunately I do not think my loans can be forgiven at this time. But if I live frugally for 3 years or so I'm sure I can take off a big chunk of them which will put be in a much more stable position financially.
  7. About once every 3 months I put myself into a panic about my student loans. I went to PA school right out of college and thought the better reputation school would be better for me, even though it was significantly more expensive. I know now that that was a terrible decision. After my first panic about student loans I started living significantly cheaper but I still have the debt hanging over my head. Is this a feasible amount to pay off as a single woman after graduating? Will I ever be able to not live as cheaply as I do now... at least within 10 years? Any advice would be appreciated. After looking at the cost of other schools, there has to be more people in my shoes out there and I'd love to hear some stories/advice from fellow PAs. Thank you!
  8. Has anyone ever done an elective rotation at MD Anderson? I am very interested in applying but so far all of the housing options are more than $1000 a month (plus the rent I already pay for my apartment by my school). I am trying to weigh the price vs the benefits and experiences that I could gain at MD Anderson. Any advice would be appreciated!
  9. I am looking to do my elective rotations starting next summer in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Does anyone have any advice or know of any contacts for how to start working on setting up these rotations? I am currently pretty open to any speciality. I just want to start with getting some tips on how to find a preceptor in this area! Thanks for any advice!
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