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  1. Fellow PAs, I'm a new grad looking for some advice. The local VA has posted a position in internal medicine for a Nurse Practitioner. Does anyone have any advice or insight as to applying for this position as a PA? TIA, KMW
  2. Hey guys! I'll be starting a pediatric hematology / oncology rotation soon. I would love recommendations on books/resources to help me prepare. TIA
  3. Ms. Kendrick told me they are reviewing the waitlist at the end of the month.
  4. Ruki, congrats on admission and good luck with school wherever you decide to go!
  5. Waitlisted here, although the email didn't directly say that. It just said Ms. Kendrick was taking over for Mallory and alternate candidates would be reviewed in March.
  6. Has anyone from the 1/14-1/15 interview group heard anything yet?
  7. Hey aawilson, I have no idea why my date was changed. When I called to make sure of the date Ms. Kendrick didn't really give any information as to why. I'm assuming that it was probably something to do with the staffing changes. Maybe interview lists overlapped?
  8. My interview date is apparently actually next week Jan. 14-15th instead of the 28-29th. Anyone else interviewing that date?
  9. I also got the invitation for the Jan 28-29th interview (finally)! I'm very excited and can't wait to meet you all.
  10. Has anyone heard anything recently about upcoming interviews? My application was received in October and still no word here.
  11. Anyone interviewing in November or December?
  12. Try emailing the enrollment specialist Mallory McGee. She usually responds the same day.
  13. Did anyone interview on 10/16? I'm curious as to why they're moving to a 2 day interview now.
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