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Random question about listing pre-reqs on CASPA

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Hello everyone! I have a question pertaining to CASPA. I am a first-time applicant and I seem to have a pretty good grasp on the CASPA portal system however a new concern dawned on me. Forgive me if theres already a thread on this, but I want to know the correct approach to take.

So basically, under "program materials" on CASPA for each school, the school usually has a "prerequisite tab" in which you match the science courses from your transcripts uploaded on CASPA, to the school's pre-requisites. For example, it will say "Biology" and if the school requires you to have taken BIO 1 & 2, you would match those to that. Now what I'm wondering is what if the school says on their website for requirements: " 2 semesters in biology; Microbiology or genetics is recommended" (this is actually the case for NYITs requirements, but other schools list something similar), now my question is: WOULD it be smart to match only 2 biology courses you've taken, OR should you list ALL OF THEM?

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When filling out CASPA, I chose only the classes that fulfilled the general prerequisite.

For example, if they ask for 8 credits of biology with lab, I would only choose 8 credits with lab. I wouldn't select ALL of the bio courses you took. They are only looking to identify that you fulfilled the prerequisite; you aren't trying to necessarily impress them by identifying all of your bio courses (they can see that throughout your transcript).

For the statistics prerequisite, I wouldn't identify that course as fulfilling your prereq unless the class code has "STAT" or "MATH" as the title (something like STAT201, MATH201, etc.). It's okay if you got a B in your legitimate stats class; you are just identifying that you took that prereq course and passed. A course that may have a title of PSYC201 (or doesn't mention statistics in the course name) may confuse them.

These are my personal opinions, but hopefully it provides a bit of insight! 

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