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Alderson Broaddus PA Program shut down twice? Why?

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Posting here as I feel this is more productive than in the student or even the pre-student forums.


I was reading on the ARC-PA website that AB's program was shut down twice.


I've also read it was one of the first PA programs that ever existed? How could they go for so long, being accredited in 1973 to shutting down in 1995. Then being again re-accredited in 1996 and closed again in 2009. Only to be re-accredited again.


I am curious if there are any PAs who know anything about these decisions, what the previous PANCE scores were like, and/or if it is indeed a worthwhile program to apply to and attend.


Reference for confirmation purposes: http://www.arc-pa.org/acc_programs/prev_acc_programs.html

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Voluntary “Yes”

Accreditation issue “Yes”

Restructured “Yes, from 3 year program to 28 month program.”

BS to MS program “No, it was MS program prior to”

Everything seems to be okay now as the new program started last year in May.

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I'm from West Virginia, about an hour away from Philippi where AB is located, and the rumor here regarding the shutdown in '09 was that it was due to clerical issues, like poor record keeping. I was actually told this by a local doctor, who's daughter was in the last class to be admitted before they lost accreditation. I was still wary of applying, but did so due to pressure from the PAs/doctors around here; when I went for the interview I was actually extremely impressed with their new program (I've done 5 interviews so I was able to compare it to others) and I have no doubts that it will be successful. In the past it was a pretty prestigious program, and they got a new program director in 2010 who is an alumni, so she seems very determined to run a tip-top curriculum. In the past, their pance scores were high (unfortunately do not know exact numbers but worked with many PAs that have graduated from there). The students start getting clinical experience in local hospitals in their second semester, and clinical rotations are 8 weeks vs. the typical 6 weeks that many schools offer, so I feel their students will be well prepared and it is definitely a program worth considering.

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As long as there is provisional accreditation in place at the time you matriculate, it still counts as graduating from an accredited program, even if they lose it midstream through your time enrolled as a student. I was accepted there years ago and it was provisionally accredited. I wanted to go there but the cost of tuition. Yikes!

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