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  1. It really just depends on your personality and how well your time management skills are. It seemed like most people in my program had never had to pay their own bills or work while in school. They couldn't fathom the idea of balancing part-time work and studying. I, however, grew up poor and had to work 2-3 jobs at a time while in both high school and undergrad.. so when I got to PA school i couldn't believe the amount of free time I had! I took on a work-study position (~20 hours a week) during didactic year, and I worked weekends at a gym during clinical year. Most of my clinicals were M-F and work never interfered with them. I will say check with your school first to not get in trouble. Our student handbook discouraged work during didactic and prohibited it during clinicals, but I sat down with my program director and made it clear that if my grades slipped or it interfered with school, I would quit-- so he was fine with me working. It was nice having that extra cash flow - loans only leave you with a set amount of money to last the semester, and unexpected expenses inevitably come up. If I had a rich family to back me up, maybe I wouldn't have worked. But if you're worried about money, or don't want to take out a ton of loans, working is definitely do-able. PS - my work study was in the library, so I got lucky and could study while getting paid! Something people can look into.
  2. I'm not quite sure what you're asking. I assume you are studying old packrats? I personally would complete the whole test before reviewing any of the answers. That gives you the best idea of how well you are doing on time - also, if you are checking each question right after you finish it, you may end up giving yourself hints or answers to the questions you haven't seen yet. I think the best way to study is to make it as similar to the actual test as you can.
  3. I think you should enjoy your downtime. My school sent us emails a few weeks before class of the chapters they expected us to read because we had quizzes the first day, but other than that, I don't think there would have been a way to prepare. Yes, you can look at some general things like anatomy or pathophys like someone had mentioned, but you're going to spend the 2+ years studying your butt off - no need to prolong it. Plenty of us didn't study beforehand and we turned out fine :)
  4. Hey all - my friend who was waitlisted just got notified today that she had been accepted, so keep your heads up!
  5. Good luck! Did they say if they still had open seats?
  6. Just commenting from personal experience - when I started Mirena, I noticed a slight change in my skin a few months in, but it progressively got worse along my jawline and a BIG issue on my upper back. Tried treating w/ OTC acne treatments, to little avail. Finally went to my derm-- she attributed the issue completely to the IUD, stating that "Mirena is a skin doctor's worst nightmare". My derm suggested 25 mg/day spironolactone about a 1.5 months ago, and am seeing a very noticeable difference already. I would def recommend trying it before completely giving up on the Mirena. Side note, I do think you may be right about the acne being masked (atleast to a point) by combo contraceptives in the past, because I know I had similar acne in my early teens before I started taking the pill. People tend to forget this when they've been on birth control for so long.
  7. I did interview and got accepted in Dec. My interview was very laidback, it just seemed like they wanted to get to know me on a personal level, not focus so much on grades or experience. Good luck to you!
  8. I believe it was about 3 weeks after submitting my application that I got notified of my interview, but I know a girl who submitted in August and just interviewed last week. She told me at her interview they were told there are still spots left. Another friend of mine did not get an interview, but they informed her by letter or email (I forget which), so either way you will hear from them! If you are getting nervous, just call them and ask about your app-- I did! :)
  9. Congrats, Candice! When did you get the call? Thats exciting that they are calling alternates, I wonder how many they are taking from the list..
  10. I know it could definitely be worse, just wish my life wasn't in limbo! lol. Hoping for that call! Do you know how many they took from the alternate list last year? gcdeguzm, they are doing one last set of interviews in March, I believe.. You will get an email if they want to interview you. Make sure you check your spam, because for some reason a lot of my stuff from them goes to Spam box on gmail.
  11. I was just wondering if any students from this class had been wait-listed before their acceptance, and could tell me a little about their experience?
  12. I'm from West Virginia, about an hour away from Philippi where AB is located, and the rumor here regarding the shutdown in '09 was that it was due to clerical issues, like poor record keeping. I was actually told this by a local doctor, who's daughter was in the last class to be admitted before they lost accreditation. I was still wary of applying, but did so due to pressure from the PAs/doctors around here; when I went for the interview I was actually extremely impressed with their new program (I've done 5 interviews so I was able to compare it to others) and I have no doubts that it will be successful. In the past it was a pretty prestigious program, and they got a new program director in 2010 who is an alumni, so she seems very determined to run a tip-top curriculum. In the past, their pance scores were high (unfortunately do not know exact numbers but worked with many PAs that have graduated from there). The students start getting clinical experience in local hospitals in their second semester, and clinical rotations are 8 weeks vs. the typical 6 weeks that many schools offer, so I feel their students will be well prepared and it is definitely a program worth considering.
  13. I interviewed the week before you and still no word back. They told us we'd hear around the beginning of march because I remember us all talking about how that seemed so long.. Kinda defeats the purpose of rolling admissions. I hate to say it, but you may have to go with the other school just to be safe rather than sorry... Did you ever try calling and figuring out their deal? I feel like they're kind of disorganized which makes me wary of the program..
  14. whoa, that is a ridiculously high deposit!! I would probably call West Lib this week and explain the circumstances to them - maybe they'll let you know once you put some pressure on them. Good luck!!
  15. I haven't heard a word from them since my interview. I just went ahead and placed my deposit at the first school that offered me a seat, and have done two more interviews since then.. I figured if another school that I'd rather go to offers me a seat, I can just withdraw. Yes, losing a deposit sucks, but in the longhaul of things - having to take out close to $100k - a few hundred dollars isn't that much to worry about. :)
  16. Has anyone heard from AB since putting down their deposit? I got accepted in December and received the background check packet, but other than that it's been pretty quiet. Just wondering if this is normal? I feel like other schools I've looked at have way more fees and deadlines!
  17. I interviewed on Tuesday (1/29) and I received my phone call today from Claudia that I was selected as a "high alternate" :sad:. Did you hear if you got in?
  18. Hi, I interviewed at West Lib on Jan 23rd. I believe they said they are accepting 19 students? The interview was a little different than my others, we actually went in in groups of 2 or 3, with 2 faculty members, who asked both general questions "why do you want to be a PA, tell us about your health experience", as well as situation questions "what would you do if a patient was demanding an MRI?". Sometimes they ask each student the same question, sometimes they ask different. I was in a group of 3, but most people interviewed in pairs. It is very much a Q&A session, NOT a group discussion. The competency tests were not bad, and you have plenty of time to do them - you might want to refresh a little on med term, but they told us the test results don't affect admission. The interview portion lasts about 45 mins per group. Afterwards, you get a chance to talk to the students without any professors around. They told us they will interview through mid February and we should hear from them by the beginning of March.
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