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Healthcare professional letter of reference?

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I am applying to PA schools next cycle and would like to use my boss as a letter of reference. He is a nurse manager, MS, RN-BC and clinical education specialist.


I assume that he meets the criteria of being a "healthcare professional" but not "healthcare provider," and just wanted clarification on this matter.

Also, do schools asking for references from "healthcare providers" specifically want MD/DO/PA/NP LOR's?


Thanks much!

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I used my nurse manager as for one of my letters of rec. I also had an A&P professor and a PA write me letters. From the 14 schools I applied to, a good number preferred to see a healthcare provider (NP, PA, MD), and some specifically from a PA. But also, someone who can evaluate how you work directly with patients. Your nurse manager should be a well qualified individual to do that as he or she probably does your end of year evaluations and is someone that would be notified of any positive or negative reviews of your work.

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