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  1. Same thing is happening to me after submitting app to my first program. I paid the fee, have 3/4 LORs in, submitted by transcripts, and it still says awaiting materials. The only thing I can thing is that the last LOR is the hold up, but that doesn't make sense since you only need two in. Might call CASPA in a few days if this doesn't change. Good luck!
  2. Hello, I have always thought CNA work qualified as direct patient care, but in the FAQ section of CASPA it says that CNA is considered other HCE because you are 'not directly responsible for a patient's care.' I'm wondering whether to put my CNA experience as patient care or other HCE. I worry that if I put it down as HCE, programs will think I did not provide patients with hands-on care, which is not the case. Any tips? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I am applying to PA schools next cycle and would like to use my boss as a letter of reference. He is a nurse manager, MS, RN-BC and clinical education specialist. I assume that he meets the criteria of being a "healthcare professional" but not "healthcare provider," and just wanted clarification on this matter. Also, do schools asking for references from "healthcare providers" specifically want MD/DO/PA/NP LOR's? Thanks much!
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