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Chances of getting into these schools with these stats

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Undergrad University: 

- Merrimack College (4 semesters), GPA= 3.95c and 3.90s, Health Science major

-University of Massachusetts Amherst *Commonwealth Honors College* (5 semesters when done) , GPA = 3.7c (hopefully will go up and 3.66s GPA, Biology Major

-Key classes: 

(A) - Biology 1 

(A) - Biology 2

(A) - Gen Chem 1 

(A) - Gen Chem 2 

(A) - Anatomy 1 

(A) - Anatomy 2 

(A) - Organic 1 

(B-) - Organic 2 (A- in orgo lab)

(A) - Physics 1

(A-) - Microbiology 

(B+) - Statistics 

(B) - Calculus 


I'm worried about the downward trend after I transferred schools, however UMass was much more difficult than Merrimack and I still feel like I'm doing well at UMass, just not as well as I was doing



- Anatomy 1 tutor 

- EMT-B (just started but should have over 1,000 hours before applying ... EDIT: well actually if I apply in June 2018 ill have 2000 hours

- Biology 2 study group leader (kind of like a tutor job)

- 100 hours volunteering at Rehab clinic

- 40 hours volunteering with middle schoolers working on science workshops after school 

- 20 hours volunteering at a medical supply packing company 


I plan on doing plenty of shadowing and maybe want to TA my last semester..I'm working my ass off to have a high 3.7/low 3.8 when I graduate


Schools I want to apply to: Duke, Boston University, Northeastern, George Washington, Yale, Philadelphia, Cornell, PITT, MCPHS, Hofstra, Northwestern, Quinnipiac (Am I shooting too high?)

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