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  1. They were all really nice and made the experience less stressful. You go in, there are about 15 people interviewing in one session. They give a presentation then you have to write an essay. While you write your essay they randomly pull people for 2 one on one interviews
  2. I’d apply. It really depends on the rigor of the courses that you took. Did you take multiple hard science courses in the same semester? They definitely take into consideration the classes that you took.
  3. -3.83 cumulative GPA and 3.81 science GPA -2,100 hours as an EMT -some volunteering and tutoring -only 15ish hours shadowing ...i was in the first interview session. I received an interview offer mid-August and had the interview mid-September. I believe i was accepted by the end of September/early October. Again, I was in the first group offered interviews so I’d imagine you wont hear anything till August
  4. -3.83 cumulative GPA and 3.81 science GPA - about 2,100 hours as an EMT -some volunteering and tutoring -only about 15 shadowing hours
  5. Hey everyone. I got accepted into the NYIT PA program last cycle and will be attending in Fall. I know how stressful and confusing the application process is so if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  6. This might be really early but does anyone know of a Facebook group for accepted students?
  7. Overall GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.8 Major: Biology PCE: 2500 hours EMT
  8. I was also at the interview. The essay wasn’t bad at all, pretty situational questions
  9. Verified 7/19, received interview 8/22 overall GPA: 3.83 science GPA: 3.8 PCE: 2100 hours as EMT
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