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Virginia CMA Positions

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Hi everyone! I'm graduating this May with a B.S. in Nutrition/Dietetics, and heading down to Virginia soon after to be with my significant other. I have been perusing the job boards in the area that I'm moving to get an idea of what medical assistant jobs are posted and what the typical qualifications are. Anyways, I see that in Virginia, as opposed to Pennsylvania where I live now, most medical assistant job postings require the medical assistant certificate. I was kind of hoping that I can get an MA position to finally accumulate HCE. I have my EMT-B certification, but have never ran for the company I'm affiliated with (got it out of state and I am still waiting on my instate certification...). Do you think it's pointless to apply for these MA jobs, or will my current certification be useful? 


Prior to me receiving my EMT-B certification, I had plans to transfer my certification to VA and work in an ED or for a station; however, seeing as it has taken 5 months already to transfer my certificate from one state to another, I decided to not do that (should have traveled and taken the in state class, huh). My goal was to apply this coming summer, but it looks like I might have to postpone my application for another year. Any advice/insight? 



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