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  1. IIRC, we had a 3-week block for psych during didactic and were required to do 1 6-week rotation. Relatively, this isn't much less than what medical students get, but those who specialize in psychiatry have a whole residency. I'm genuinely concerned if you think that's enough to treat patients without appropriate supervision.
  2. I am graduating in a few months and will be working in an outpatient clinic with ample supervision by a doc and several PA/NPs for the first year or two. You might be able to get by in fast track in the ED with minimal supervision or even an urgent care seeing very simple cases, but you cannot do a specialty, particularly one that is barely focused on in PA school. The unfortunate fact is that PA school teaches us very little about psychiatry and psychopharmacology. I sincerely believe you need good mentorship to be successful. At least for one year. If not for you, do it for your patients.
  3. I am finishing up PA school this coming May, so I'm obviously not practicing, but I am in the job market. What I am finding is most people are suggesting to not take salaries under $100k unless you are going into FM or pediatrics. If you adjust your salary to account for the 0.8 FTE, you would be making $91k at a 1.0 FTE. I would expect urgent care or ED salaries to be in line with that or even higher, due to the pace you're expected to work out. You are billing the same as a physician. After training, you will bring this clinic money so long as you're decently productive (and I am sure they will make sure of that). I feel like you're selling yourself short if you accept this as is. I could be completely wrong, but I am noticing that private practices are paying more in specialties and lower in FM/Peds. I would think this UC would pay higher. I would consider the fact that it seems you have a niceish benefits package for a new grad. Do they match 401k? Would they be willing to consider productivity bonuses quarterly or yearly? How much time does the physician expect to take out of his/her week to mentor and train you initially? If this is above the standard of mentorship and you will gain a lot of skills, perhaps it's okay to consider working there for a year. Financially, I think any longer would be a disservice to you.
  4. I plan on taking a job in the outpatient psychiatry setting working full-time when I graduate. I'm concerned that I'll lose my general medical knowledge and skills, and I won't be able to switch out of psychiatry if I ever decide to in the future. I would love to spend 4 days in outpatient psychiatry and 1 day a week in an urgent care or walk-in clinic to stay up on my medicine, but I'm not convinced any practice would hire a new grad for 1-2 days/week. Does anyone else work part-time/prn in another setting to maintain their skills?
  5. No no, sorry. That's just how many applicants applied my year. I don't recall the number exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was around 120 applicants that were invited for an interview. This was 2 years ago, so I apologize if my numbers are completely wrong.
  6. Have you tried reaching out to your senior classmates? They may have some insight on whether the program requirement is a true requirement or something the program never really checks. I think you should try to save yourself some money, so long as your not sacrificing your education. You could always share with a classmate, too. My program has 8+ otoscopes/opthalmoscopes hung on the wall in our PE lab, so do take into account that I did have a way to practice and never needed my own.
  7. I reached out to my pre-med advisor. I'm not sure if your school assigns you one of those, but I would look into that. Most biology advisors should be familiar with the pre-med/pre-PA route, and might know some providers that are willing and able to let you shadow. Best of luck!
  8. It varies from year to year. I believe we had 1,000 applicants for approximately 40 seats the year I applied.
  9. Hey guys! Current 2nd year student here. I haven't talked directly to a faculty member or the director about this, but I heard from another student that they are doing interviews a tad later this year. Regarding probation: by the time the next cohort starts, the program should be off probation, so long as they do what is necessary by ARC-PA.
  10. You got this! You made all of the right steps. You're going to do amazing.
  11. If you're taking similar credits, you would need a 3.3-3.4. Unless you're taking significantly less credits this semester, you won't need a 3.5. This is completely manageable, even after getting a 2.7. A few classmates of mine were on AP with similar GPAs as you, and they managed to bring it up. Identify the classes that you feel you can definitely get A's in and capitalize on those, without letting any other class drop into the B range. It's manageable with the right support, time management, and study groups (if that's what works for you). Make sure external forces (family, significant other, pets, etc..) are not at play. It's a sacrifice, but those things need to be on the backburner for the next year. I wish you luck!
  12. I personally will be looking at my packrat score after clinicals. If you didn't do well, take an extra couple of weeks to study. If you scored well above what is considered the minimal passing PANCE equivalent, maybe take a few days to a week to brush up. The extra time needed is much better than the 90 days you'll have to wait if you fail, in my opinion.
  13. I couldn't imagine anyone particularly enjoys didactic. Keep reminding yourself why you chose to go into medicine, and know that it will get better. Most importantly, don't forget to take time to yourself.
  14. Hey all, the Facebook page should be up soonish!
  15. Congratulations!! I'm a current PA student at MBU, so if anyone has any questions prior to their interview, feel free to ask! ?
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