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  1. I couldn't imagine anyone particularly enjoys didactic. Keep reminding yourself why you chose to go into medicine, and know that it will get better. Most importantly, don't forget to take time to yourself.
  2. Hey all, the Facebook page should be up soonish!
  3. Congratulations!! I'm a current PA student at MBU, so if anyone has any questions prior to their interview, feel free to ask! ?
  4. I second what UGoLong said. Find out why they are on probation. My program is currently on probation, but I don't think it affects my learning. Probation status can be an indicator that something is terribly wrong with the program and it's leadership or it can also be something very benign. How much did you enjoy the program when you interviewed? Did the program seem well organized? Did the faculty interact with each other and it's students well? Did the program ever discuss it's own faults? The last one is super important because any program who doesn't understand and express it's own flaws is problem severely unaware of them. You can always apply and see if you get in else where and then give up your seat. BUT, I would not enroll in the program and drop out and "transfer" during the semester, as this screws someone else out of that seat.
  5. How many exams do you usually have per week? roughly 3 quizzes per week and 1-3 exams per week. There are weeks here and there when we only have 1-2 quizzes and 1 exam. Does your class schedule stay the same or change week to week (sometimes changing last minute)? Stays the same. We have designated clinical medicine times where our guest lecturers can teach. Every once in a while, we'll have to change the schedule to accommodate a guest lecturer. Do you ever feel that professors are presenting info one way and testing you in a completely different way? Do you ever feel that tests aren't "fair" and, if so, do you just suck it up? Completely. Our guest lecturers seldom submit questions (but have in certain modules), so the faculty members of the program make the questions and there are many occasions where these questions do not align with what were learned. Do you feel the need to look to other resources (books, youtube, articles) to supplement your education? Or is the classroom enough? I am not an auditory learner, so I need other resources. Even auditory learners need supplemental material. How challenging are your exams? Are you usually tested on "bigger picture" concepts? Very challenging. Typically minute details are tested on rather than big pictures. Do professors often make mistakes on exams such that the exams have to often be re-graded? Yes. It's rare to have an exam without mistakes despite a vetting procedure that professors supposedly utilize at our program. Are your exams curved? What is a failing grade? What is grounds for dismissal from your program? No exams are curved. A failing grade is <70%, which is the grade you also fail a class at. You must maintain a 3.0 to stay in our program. Do your classmates ever express negativity towards the format of your program and, if so, do you have a formal way to submit grievances? There is no formal way to submit grievances. We can talk with faculty. Do you ever think that other PA programs are better than yours or are you happy to be in your program? I am not happy with my program, and I think most programs are structured in a better fashion than mine.
  6. This implies that PA's are at a paraprofessional level rather than a professional level (i.e. paramedic, paralegal, paraeducator).
  7. PA Student here. I'm not an AdComm member. It looks like you're competitive with the amount of HCE/PCE and shadowing hours you have. I assume you still have your senior year to complete, which means that you can definitely bring that GPA to at least a 3.5ish if you do really well (I believe the average is around 3.5-3.6 for all applicants). I have heard mixed things regarding GRE scores, but I know the typical "standard" people hold on these forums is 300. Then again, research is continually showing that SAT and GRE scores are not indicative of performance, and many institutions are doing away with requiring the submission of them (I honestly think PA schools are lagging in this department, but I could be wrong). I would include an academic LOR in my portfolio, as you are applying to graduate school. However, some may argue that having all healthcare/supervisor LOR's is a good thing.
  8. I have tried mint in the past, and I didn't find it to be the greatest. I can't recall specifics as to why I didn't like it, so I might as well give it another try. I do like the flexible excel spreadsheets offer, but it's still a lot of work on the users part.
  9. So last semester I used a simple excel spreadsheet as a budget mechanism, but it didn't help me keep track of my budget on the go, and it's not exactly the most time-savvy way to budget. I was wondering if anyone had any budget app suggestions to help me categorize my semester budget (ie food, rent, gym, etc.). I'm all about keeping those loans as low as possible. Thanks in advanced!
  10. I just finished up my first semester, and I am so happy I came across this post. I learn nothing from class, and I genuinely feel like I would be able to learn just so much more with independent study. I realize that's my brain, and not the majority's. But hey, you have 4 months left. Hang in there!
  11. Most people on here have gone over 80MPH before. Not to mention that VA is one of the strictest regarding speeding. With that said, it may be brought up, but I doubt it would have any true impact on your application.
  12. You have a nice application, except for the GPA. But if you were getting near 4.0's for the past two years, and still taking similarly difficult courses (compared to the first two years), I doubt a program will dwell. HCE is good! You'll have 1500 by the time someone reads your application if you are still working full-time, and you have what's considered high quality experience (as opposed to volunteering or scribing). Moreover, if you continue working full time and work until you matriculate in Fall 2019, you'll have close to 3500. I think your TA, research experience, and volunteering experience can set you apart from other applicants who are only focusing on HCE, GPA, and GRE scores. The general suggestion for the GRE is to make higher than a 300, but I aimed for at least a 310, just in case. Most programs don't put too much weight into this, so I've heard. Tips for shadowing - write down reflections so you can learn from it. Ask the first PA/MD/NP you shadowed to connect you with other specialties, so you can shadow broadly. As a minimum, I would suggest 40 hours, but it seems like a lot of the students at my program shadowed for around 100 (I did 40!)
  13. They will be on probation until their next review in March: https://go.marybaldwin.edu/health_sciences/pas/accreditation/ The administration is confident that they will regain their provisional status at that time. I believe the school is still pulling off the wait list, but I am not sure. The program starts in three weeks.
  14. Wow! You have literally no time to prepare if you get in. Better than going no where, of course. I wonder if it would be appropriate to e-mail your updated resume so it can be reviewed prior to the interview if possible. I am in no position to assert that is an appropriate action, but it is something I personally would explore. Good luck!!
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