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Found 23 results

  1. Hello so first off, I'm a senior in high school interested in the health field, and looking mainly at the physician assistant profession. Currently, I don't seem to have the drive to go through 4 years of med school + and many more years of residency. I would also hate to pay off all the debt as well. I want to finish school early, less debt, start a family, and then possibly start a business. However, I heard that PA's have a hard time starting their own clinic and they must have a MD with them all times, is that true? The main reason to start my own clinic is because I want to be a little mo
  2. I'm attending Arizona State University online. I live in Georgia and I'm 24 years old. ASU is a quarter-based system, which means I get college credits on a quarterly basis instead of a semester basis. All PA and AA schools (I'm interested in both) require a certain amount of prerequisite hours, but at ASU, I would be about an hour or two short in a lot of them, like biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. So, me getting a degree in biology from ASU is kind of pointless, because I'd have to take some additional prerequisite classes at my local college anyways. I should also mention I have
  3. I’m currently attending a quarterly-based credit college and get 3 credits in some of my crucial prerequisite classes. All the pre-pa programs I’ve looked at say something along the lines of “Organic Chemistry - 3 semester hours or 4 quarter hours” but my college only gives 3 quarter hours for a class like this. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. If my college gives 3 hours when I need 4, how do I get that additional hour? So confused!
  4. Although I’m not a PA yet, I hope posting in this forum is fine, as I’m seeking info on existing surgical PA’s. So, what’s your specialty? I’m very interested in surgery, but I also would like to have a decent lifestyle outside of work. I’d also prefer to do more lower-risk surgeries versus something like trauma patients. The only PA I know personally specializes in urology. She works a normal schedule, is married, and has a child. I love the aspect of surgery, the idea of savings lives, and even working weekends when they need me - I hope I don’t give off the vibe that I don’t
  5. I know this seems like such an easy question to answer, but I can’t seem to find it. I know a lot of PA’s say they make around $100k a year, but is that without bonuses? Do PA’s get paid time and a half for OT hours or are they just on a flat salary whether they work 40 hours or 60? I’m interested in becoming a surgical PA, which I’m sure comes with some more offered (sometimes mandatory) hours than someone in something like family care. I’m completely fine with this, just curious as to how the pay would differentiate. With that being said, do you get paid more when working over 40, or is
  6. Hi, everyone. I’m going to attempt becoming a PA and need some advice. I have a good idea on what I’ll be doing to attempt getting into programs, so I’ll go ahead and give you my estimated credentials when applying to a program, sometime in the next 4 years. Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences from Arizona State University. 3.6 GPA Standard GRE scores (haven’t taken any yet, but to play it safe, I’ll just say I’ve hypothetically scored average or slightly above average) Surgical Technician degree from a local technical college with ~ 2,000 h
  7. To keep a long story short - I am 24 years old and attending South University in Savannah, GA for Psychology. I originally wanted to do something along the lines of neurology, psychiatry, or pathology. Ultimately, I have gained an extreme interest in becoming a PA. My main concerns are my chances of acceptance into a PA program - specifically the program provided at South University in Savannah, GA. I do not have any experience in the medical field. I've worked at Gulfstream Aerospace (a very good job/position) in Savannah for almost 3 years. I make about $60,000 per ye
  8. I’m graduating high school soon, and I am really interested in the health field. I always like helping people and I’m leaning towards PA over MD,Nurse Practioner, Physical Therapist, or a Optometrist. I would love to get to work with patients fast and be done with schooling fast also. The amount of schooling required to become a doctor doesn’t attract me. I want to start a family early and get a job early also. I also want to spend more time with my family. PA’s make a good amount of money to live a comfortable life. Is it financially secure? Will being a PA fulfill me? Or should I just go the
  9. Hello friends, I am new to the group. I am a foreign medical graduate and a greencard holder. I studied medicine for 5.5 years. I am going to apply for Anesthesiology residency, which is very competitive. I am thinking to work as an Anesthesiology Assistant or Physician associate in Anesthesiology. My questions are: 1. What are the differences between these two positions in Anesthesiology? 2. Can I take National Commission for Certification of Anesthesiologist Assistants examination (NCCAA) ? Any suggestions are welcome... Thank you
  10. Hey! I am applying to PA school this cycle, but I have not had much luck with finding PAs to shadow in Montgomery county/the Philadelphia region. If anyone can help me out, please let me know! I've tried contacting multiple practices, but have not heard back.
  11. I have been a vet assistant/tech for about 2 years (currently not anymore) and as of the last 9 months I have been volunteering with a hospital ED for human experience. I know of one school who accepts this, east Michigan, but I live in the southeast and would like to stay closer to home. Does anybody have any schools that also accept this or any comments on if I should include this in my HCE? Has anyone else gotten into a program with similar experience or know of anybody? Thank you.
  12. Many of my classmates tell me the PAEA EOR exams are challenging and the study blue print provided is useless. We are just starting our clinical year and nobody as really figured out how to do do well...people pass, but I want to do well. Any tips on how to prepare for the PAEA EOR exams?
  13. Hi everyone! I'm graduating this May with a B.S. in Nutrition/Dietetics, and heading down to Virginia soon after to be with my significant other. I have been perusing the job boards in the area that I'm moving to get an idea of what medical assistant jobs are posted and what the typical qualifications are. Anyways, I see that in Virginia, as opposed to Pennsylvania where I live now, most medical assistant job postings require the medical assistant certificate. I was kind of hoping that I can get an MA position to finally accumulate HCE. I have my EMT-B certification, but have never ran for the
  14. Hey all, I'm pre-PA at UW-Madison, and am one of those people how gets so much peace of mind knowing exactly what I want to do in the future. I've been trying to find the perfect specialty for myself according to some criteria and I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to which specialty would suit me best: -interesting field, with lots of variety, and intellectually challenging -good hours (maybe 8-5, somewhere around that general area, not a crazy amount of call, etc.) -very good salary+benefits -hands on but also requires just as much thinking and decision
  15. Hey! I was recently accepted to the Winthrop PA program. I'm coming from relatively far away so I'm going to start looking for apartments in the Long Island area in towns nearby Mineola (between Mineola and Bay Shore). I don't know if anyone else is looking for a roommate but if so, message me if you'd like! I checked if there was an accepted students Facebook group for this kind of thing but I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully it gets posted soon. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  16. Hey guys, I would really appreciate any thoughts and/or critiques about the flow and overall theme of my statement. Is there anything missing or not well expalined? The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. I entered a darkened room where I could only make out the outlines of other patients and hear the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast from the glaring sun outside, I slowly made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a chewed-up pin and a pile of torn paper. I wrote my name and date of birth and
  17. I hope this is it! I am now below the character limit and I feel that I have included everything I wanted to portray, I just need some grammar nazis to find my mistakes!!! Thanks for any help :) **PS- if there's something you think needs more clarification or rewording, please tell me** As a teenager without health insurance, I spent many years ignoring symptoms or making do with remedies I already had at home. My go-to was some leftover menthol cough drops in my tea to help open my sinuses and soothe my throat. Thankfully, I was generally healthy and could manage by going to the health de
  18. Hi, I'm a first time applicant and I really don't have anyone to read my statement so I'm reaching out to you for help. I'm over my character limit my 809 and I can't find where to cut. I'm also not sure if I'm going the right direction with this statement. I appreciate any comments!! As a teenager without health insurance, I spent many years ignoring symptoms or eking by with whatever remedies I already had at home. Sure, when these methods did not work, I was forced to see a doctor, however, this was rarely the case. Thankfully, I was generally healthy and could manage only going to my h
  19. You guessed it! I am a first time applicant and you guys are the only ones that can help me with critiquing my personal statement. Im actually pretty surprised I stayed under the character limit for my rough draft. Please look it over and tell me how bad it stinks! The door flew open and slammed against the adjacent wall. The room was dark and all I could make out were figures and the noise of chatter and children crying. As my eyes adjusted to the sharp contrast in darkness from the blaring sun outside, I made my way to the counter. “Sign in,” said a voice and I looked down to see a
  20. what are my chances for getting accepted to PA school after graduation?
  21. I am writing in regards to my wife and her interest in getting into a PA program. She is very smart, she has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a 3.88 gpa and a 4.0 gpa in all required PA program science courses (Chemistry, Biology, etc.). She also made those grades while working part-time and playing soccer full-time for her University. By the time she applies for the PA program (at Bridgeport University) she will have around 2500 hours of direct patient care as a home health aid (I know that is not the most noteworthy), around 100 hours as a neurofeedback technician, and around 100 h
  22. Hello, I am new to this forum and would love to get involved. I'm sure that this topic has been thoroughly beat to absolute death, but for the sake of argument and for my own curiosity, I'd love to get some fresh opinions. I have read about as much literature on Physician Assistant vs. Physician and have been seriously questioning which is right for me as of late. ALthough I believe I exhibit a great deal of the qualities that would make a successful PA (love of medicine, teamwork, not needing to be 100% in charge) I believe that some of these also transfer over to being a physician. Thoug
  23. Just what the topic asks. Does anybody know if there are any PA schools in particular that focus on, say, the last two years of your undergrad as opposed to looking at your cumulative GPA? I know many med schools do this, because it seems to be a general rule that most students don't do so hot in their first years. Also, I notice that a lot of schools want around a 3.0 GPA when applying. I'm a Canadian student so I was wondering what the GPA conversion would be. Over here in Canada on a 4.0 scale, a 70-72% is considered a B- and is weighed as a 2.7. So if someone had a GPA around that
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