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CASPA app ready to go. Now what? (Gap year ideas!)

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I am by no means a glowing example of the PA candidate and am also in the process of applying. It sounds like you are very confident that you will get in somewhere, this is great for you. However given that you will have at the very minimum 12 months between now and beginning the program, my question to you is what if you don't get in? If you interview and are unsuccessful and have been spending time with family etc up until that point, then you only have 4-5 months to affect change for the next cycle.

My advice would be to identify any possible areas of improvement and work on those areas over the next 12 months, looking at your post the glaringly obvious one is you HCE. Although many schools do not require more hours than this, 1500hrs is by no means spectacular and additional hours may help put your application above another candidate. Remember there are many applicants that have 8,000+ hrs out there and have above average GPA's and GRE scores.

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