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Found 13 results

  1. As a recently graduated student going into her gap year, I have a question for those who have been in my same situation. My undergrad GPA is below the normal average for an admitted student into a PA program. I am planning on enrolling in post-bacc classes in order to meet some pre-reqs for certain schools, and just to raise my GPA overall and hopefully show admissions committees that I have grown since my first couple years of college (the years that hurt my cGPA). But, how do you all do it? I am planning on being a CNA, but I can't work day shift due to classes that normally occur during daytime hours. I've thought about trying to get 12 hour shifts so I have a few days off during the week to sneak some classes in. I can work PMs or nights, but I'm worried about being too exhausted going straight from a night shift into classes the next day. Community colleges cater to working students by offering online and night classes which would be super helpful, but do many PA schools look down on community college coursework? I'm stressing out thinking about how this is all going to play out so any words of advice or personal stories would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance and good luck with applications!!
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently in my third year as a biology undergraduate major at the City College of New York. I graduate next year and wanted to ask for opinions on whether or not I should apply to PA programs immediately after graduation. At the moment I have a 3.91 GPA, straight As in my science courses, have shadowed one PA for a few hours, and have over 200 hours volunteering at an ENT hospital. However, my plan after graduation is to work as an EMT to gain credible health care experience to put on my application. In your opinions, are my current credentials sufficient enough for PA programs to consider me as a serious candidate? Or should I take a gap year to focus on obtaining more experience to put on my application? If so, any advice or recommendations? Any responses are much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I know that there are a ton of posts about which route would be the best way to get to PA school but I want to get more advice/opinions for my own specific case. I took all of my pre-reqs at Rutgers University and graduated May 2017. I have shadowed an ER PA, a pediatrician and have worked as a medical scribe for over 1 year. I also recently started volunteering at UPenn as a nursing assistant. My cGPA: 3.31 and sGPA 2.89. I haven't taken my GRE yet but I plan to by the end of the year at the latest. I had my heart set on applying after 1 gap year but became very discouraged after I calculated my sGPA. I didn't realize that my sGPA did not meet the minimum to apply so I didn't want to spend all that money applying but end up getting rejected. With that being said, I know I need to take other science courses or retake some of the science courses I received a C in. I just don't know whether I should find a post-bacc program or just take some classes at CC to raise my GPA. After reading through many posts, I have a feeling that it does not matter where you take the courses, it just depends on how much money and time you are willing to spend. I know I also know I need to gain more PCE/HCE experience to become a better candidate. And at same time, I don't want to delay applying to PA programs any longer. What do you guys think I should do from here? One of the PAs who was going to write me an LOR said that I should maybe try to apply this year b/c schools like to see persistence. I'm just not sure of how to approach my situation. I was also interested in maybe being a physical therapy aide or a medical assistant but this requires a certification. Basically, I am asking for your advice on the best way to improve my application within the next year when I apply. I would really appreciate your advice and help!!! I have been very stressed out lately and it would mean so much to hear from you guys/your experience. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my situation!!!
  4. Hello all! I just started thinking about PA school recently. I graduated in Fall 2015 in Biology and Psychology. I'm 23, and I'm trying to figure out my life course. I'm wondering what people on this board think about teaching abroad for a year in China before I apply to PA school. I feel like I'm young and I want to see the world a bit before I commit. Has anyone done this before? Would PA Programs look down at this for any reason? I have most of the pre-requisite classes, I would just have to take Anatomy, Physiology (the 2 big ones haha), and perhaps Medical Terminology; I would probably want to take these courses online before my expected departure date of early September, and then apply next April for the 2020 cohort. I have spent the last year in the mental health field doing rehab worker duties, which I believe counts as direct patient care hours (at least for some schools), so I would have that under my belt as well. I would love some advice for what people did before applying, that may not be related to the medical field, and your thoughts on those experiences. Thanks so much.
  5. So I've only had two interviews so far, been rejected by one, but it is making me consider what I will do if I don't get in this cycle. Applying is very costly(as you know) and I really don't want to waste another year of my life in the same job living in my parent's house, as I am young and I believe life is too short to waste it doing things you hate. I thought applying for a research job at this prestigious university which would look good on my application but would bore me to tears. I had an idea of doing some work abroad but a lot of international programs cost an arm and a leg to apply. However I also want to add some spice to my life and feel like I'm actually doing some good for humanity instead of wasting months just writing PA school essays again. Any ideas for exciting gap year ideas on a budget(as a backup plan in case I am rejected all around)? Can you guys give me any examples of companies that give jobs or I can show up to a country I have family in and start doing charity work there?
  6. * DERMATOLOGY MEDICAL ASSISTANT - MIDTOWN WEST, NY* Welcoming, friendly and motivated individual for Medical Assistant position in our small, established Midtown West Dermatology practice. We are interested ONLY in applicants who planning a future career as a Physician Assistant - and want to gain experience in the medical field before applying to graduate school. This is a great way to gain experience, get shadowing hours & boost your CV before applying to these highly competitive fields! We would need a commitment or 1-2 years minimum. You would be working closely with Carrie Doolan, RPA-C (a licensed Dermatology PA) and Dr. Alan Glass, who have more than 20 years professional experience.APPLICANTS MUST POSSESS THE FOLLOWING: Reliability, honesty and compassion. Flexibility with schedule: (jobs are full time, 5 days a week including several evenings but NO weekends). Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of EMR or at least tech savvy (this is a paperless office - iPad-based). Prior experience in Dermatology a plus RESPONSIBILITIES: Promoting a peaceful, professional atmosphere. Triaging patients and maintaining flow from waiting area to exam rooms. Respecting patient privacy and compliancy with HIPPA. Inspecting exam rooms before and after each patient and restocking supplies. Prepping and maintaining clean treatment rooms to OSHA standards. In depth knowledge of pre and post care treatment to educate patients, Assisting providers with medical, surgical and cosmetic procedures. Processing biopsies and cultures, logging data accordingly and interacting with laboratory. Performing inventory of supplies and equipment and communicating needs for ordering. Sterilizing equipment using autoclave. Cross training with front desk staff for emergency coverage. Willingness to learn common Dermatology language and treatments to effectively communicate with providers, patients and pharmacy staff. Attending mandatory monthly meetings and quarterly outings to provide feedback, make suggestions for improvements and promote a cohesive team environment. Salary $15/hour (35-40 hours a week) email resume to: Derm57@icloud.com or call 646-861-3234 for more details
  7. Hi, I am a pre-PA student one year out of college. I graduated from UCLA with a physiology degree and had a decent GPA(3.5+). During college I did a lot of volunteer work in both the hospital and community, as well as research. However, I only have about 1000 hours as a medical scribe for my HCE, as I only decided on PA a few months prior to my college graduation. I am trying to find a different job after my current job contract ends but there are not very many healthcare jobs that require a few months of training or less that count toward HCE. Should I consider taking another gap year to get more healthcare experience? I really want to apply as soon as possible(hopefully this year) but I am concerned about applying and not getting in, especially since applications are expensive and money is an issue for me. What are good options for me at this point?
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first time in the forums. I would really like to gain a feeling if I am on the right track towards applying for my top choice PA programs. I am currently a senior and I plan on taking a gap year to hopefully gain more HCE and shadowing opportunities. I will have 1000 hrs working as a CNA by the time I graduate, but I still want to take a gap year to mature myself in the healthcare field. I plan on taking the GRE most likely after graduating. I want to give myself a lot of time to prepare for it and to hopefully take it once with a stellar score. Below are some information I anticipate including in my applications by time I apply. I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions in how to strengthen myself as an applicant. Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill B.S. Biology and Minor in Chemistry cGPA: 3.66 sGPA: 3.56 Most recent 60 credit hours cGPA: 3.97 (anticipated; I had a huge jump in GPA during my last two years of college) Age: 23 (by the time I apply) GRE: Not completed (but hopefully I'll earn a high score with a lot of preparation) Healthcare Experience: ~2800 hrs as a CNA (anticipated by the time I apply) Shadowing: I plan to do about 50 hrs (suggestions?) Research Experience: 2.5 yrs of research working with plants and their interactions with various soil microbes (Not sure if this really helps) Volunteer Experience: 200 hours Hospital volunteer at high school (not sure to whether I should include this??) 200 hours Hospital volunteer during college 500 hours volunteering at a soup kitchen (anticipated by the time I apply) various one-time commitment volunteer opportunities that organizations I am affiliated with have done together Common Prerequisite Course Grades: Gen Chem I: A Gen CHem II: B- (lab: B+) Orgo 1: B+ Orgo 2: B (lab: A) Biochemistry (with lab): A Microbiology (with lab): A- Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab): A Anatomy and Physiology II (with lab): A Statistics: A General Psychology: A Genetics: C (Taken freshmen year. I've taken a higher level genetics course and got an A on it. I'm not sure how much that would help) Medical Terminology: A (Anticipated) Programs I plan on applying to: Duke Yale Cornell UNC Campbell Wake Forest UC Davis Boston University Tufts I know I included a good number of top programs, but I still want to try and work hard to see if I can make it. I will probably add a few more that are closer to my reach.
  9. Local VA made the news yesterday after a patient was transported via EMS to the facility recently, patient later allegedly walked out (details sketchy), and was later found deceased. Individual had been reported to PD as a "critical missing" individual. Interesting comment that I read was that local PD were investing the case and was looking at the facility. First of all, how many folks have we seen leave an ED without saying they were going to do so (even as in this case he was reported as a critical missing, which I'm not sure the hospital would have necessarily been aware of), and second of all, what jurisdiction does local PD have over a federal facility? I would assume none.
  10. Wondering if anyone else out here is also in this dilemma. I've graduated. I do have interests outside the medical field that I am currently pursuing part-time, but I've already applied this cycle and am in the waiting process. My first instinct was to find a part-time job in the sciences to keep my medical knowledge and clinical experience fresh, but it's at the point where I can't commit a full-year because there are programs I applied to that may start in January. What would you do? Let potential employers know your timeline or not? I'm also curious to see different takes on the gap year. :) The sky's the limit!
  11. mbh2

    HCE during gap year

    After graduating this May with a B.S. in Biology, I am going to get my CNA certification to gain health care experience before applying for PA school. I am wondering how this will work during the application process... I graduate May 10th, if I can find a class to be certified by June, then hopefully find a job relatively quickly, I will just be starting to gain hours by the time I will be starting my application. I understand the advantages of submitting early, but after you submit are you allowed to update at all? This will be my first time applying and the process kind of confuses me but by November or so I (hopefully) will have much more HCE than in July/August when I hope to have my application in, and I would like to be able to account for those hours also. Thanks for any feedback!
  12. I'm currently finishing up my freshman year as an undergrad, and I'm debating whether or not to apply the summer right after I graduate or a year after graduation. I have no health care experience yet, but this summer I'm getting EMT training. I really like Oregon Health and Science University's PA program. I think I can get around 2000 unpaid hours by the time I apply the summer immediately after senior year (I need a minimum 2000 hours for OHSU), but I would have more HCE and less stress throughout my undergrad years if I applied a year after graduation. I would like to apply as soon as possible, but it does not seem likely I could be a competitive applicant if I apply immediately after senior year.
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