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New grad - first job - when to get NPI?

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I'm confused about the National Provider Identifier - when are we supposed to apply for one? Do I have to have the job first? I have an interview coming up, and I was asked about when I would get my NPI....I thought that would come with job placement and after I obtained licensure. Thank you for any help. Please refer me to the thread if this topic has already been discussed.

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But you do have to be licensed in your state first correct? On the website it states that some "taxonomies" don't need a license first, but no specifics about PA. Also how do you choose between a general PA (level 2) or medical PA (level 3) taxonomy and does it really make a difference?

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On 12/6/2011 at 3:14 PM, btg138 said:

I did it without a job offer. Very easy.

Can someone clarify. I had followed the link posted here to "register" but I go through the basic information (security question address etc) and get to a page that says "NPI record could not be found" and no clear pathway for how to continue. 

1. I have a state license "pending supervising physician" so if it is required to be out of pending status to receive NPI registration I am not sure how I would have an NPI before I have a job and supervising physician.

2. Otherwise I am not sure why when I am following the steps for *registration* does it take me to page that says my NPI record could not be found?


What am I missing?



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