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  1. http://www.inlander.com/spokane/a-new-approach/Content?oid=2260498 What's interesting is how they make sure to note how NP autonomous clinics have no connection with Medical Doctors, but PA run clinics do. Very good point.
  2. Well, our organization has a satellite clinic with a NP Office Director and I found her in a few mistakes on my first day filling in there for a few gaps, which she did not take well at all. She nastily berated me on patho and diagnostics until I opened Current and showed her what correct procedure was. She huffily said, "what book is this", I looked down at her, said "it's yours" and put it back on her shelf. I don't think she's ever opened it in her life while mine is tearing apart due to so much use. Here, let me help you take your foot out of your mouth. She even had the nerve to refer to
  3. i've taken both psych stats 1 and 2 and biostats. apa-style shredder here.
  4. yup, knocked out acls and pals this weekend, have a rutgers pance/panre review course to finish up then i'll grab that em boot camp course (THANK YOU kbarro, that is so perfect for me) and fill in with some freebies. gonna be a busy few weeks. here goes! thanks everybody.
  5. I've got less than a thousand dollars left of my fifteen hundred allowance and trust me that I'm just thankful to finally have landed with an employer who is decent and covering the fees. That being said ... 4 weeks. Needs to be Category I and by all graces of God, online. Any tips?
  6. just started a clinic which is about an hour from town and it turns out that wow ... this is rural medicine lol. i worked solo last Friday and took a bolt out of a leg and rearticulated a shoulder. it's a very small community where ive been placed, about two to 400 people spread out over a very large region. many are 'off the grid', it's all loggers and growers. went to the hunting raffle last night (you shoot your dinner here) and church this morning where all 25 attendees insisted on hugging me. signed a 5 year contract. town is a burger trailer and a post office with 200 PO boxes. and a mea
  7. Migraineurs who visit the ER for headache are often given opiates simply due to time constraints as well as issues of laziness. Basically, the headaches get them hooked to the point where they end up returning either for the headache or craving/pain from withdrawal. I remember on my ER rotation, the PA gave Dilaudid to a patient who was swinging her legs in my testing of her "bad back" and smiling and laughing while she talked. The PA gave her Dilaudid. I asked her why she did that. "Oh, it's the holidays" (with a lighthearted laugh). Providers like that simply. Do. Not. Get. It. They have no
  8. Hello and thank you for sharing your story, I know that took a lot energy and thought to put together and I commend you for your candidacy and honesty. I'm also glad that you've found a natural medication that works for you, especially in place of substances which can have much higher potential for dependency issues as well as damage to the body with long term use. Public attitude towards marijuana is changing such as can be seen with full legalization now in WA and CO, with AK putting it on their upcoming ballot. That's all fine and dandy but my main concern is there being a pervasive forgetf
  9. Wow, remind me never to ever send a patient to you. Your lack of compassion is staggering. Society has created lepers of certain groups and I would say that same society has an obligation to help repair that effect. It's your choice to disagree, but again, I would not send patients to you, no matter who or what they were. Speaking of want, you have a lot to learn about nicotine addiction, apparently, as nicotine is the most addictive chemical known to our species along with morphine, only surpassed by heroin. Do you speak to all smokers this way, or just the ones with different sexual orie
  10. isn't that the truth? most people think of SF as being the gateway to OR lol
  11. Santa Cruz/San Francisco is actually more like Northern Central, to tell you the truth, as it's a 6 hour drive from SF to Humboldt.
  12. fresno is definitely the headcheese of ca, worst air quality too, i believe. but i hear they have a great mall. i never saw it, only a strip of hwy running by countless shacks of homeless individuals and i do mean countless. ah well, life exists in its forms as it does. maybe someone can go there and help clean things up a bit.
  13. lol We had a pt swab positive for e. coli in her nostril yesterday ... I said what, does she pick her butt and then pick her nose? laughter. seriously tho, it can reside there, always good to be mindful of these things in the surgical environment.
  14. Yup, but access to the subscriber list would be impossible so we'd have to somehow start a survey asking the general public that subscribed to the magazine. It could be started on Facebook. For that matter, they may already have a public Fb page where we could inquire of subscribers. It might give a statistically significant number, if enough were willing to answer a brief survey. Oh look: https://www.facebook.com/parentsmagazine
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