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Hi All! 


I was put on the Alternate List (*still keeping my fingers crossed*). Has anyone got accepted from the alternate list yet?

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    • By EMTtoPAC
      Hey guys since it seems like there’s quite a few of us on the alternate list thought I’d start a thread for us as to not take over the other thread! Good luck to everyone! We are so close! 🙂 
    • By aspiringpa123
      Hi everyone,
      I was placed on the waitlist for Nova Orlando back in November.  I thought I'd start a topic so all of us on the waitlist can keep each other updated! Best of luck to everyone! 
    • By PA2017m
      Just curious if anyone has any insight on how the wait list situation works for SLU? It's my top choice. I've interviewed and been placed on the wait list. I know they don't rank their waitlist but I'm curious as to how many they take off the wait list and what my chances are? Pretty bummed out at this point. 
    • By PA2017m
      Applied to around 10 schools and got 4 interview offers so far. Waitlisted at two and have 2 more interviews coming up in the next few weeks. I know I should be honored that I have interviews at all since it's my first time applying but being waitlisted from my top 2 schools has gotten me really discouraged, especially since I felt like I've put my best foot forward.. 


      One school ranks their alternate list, and I'm currently at #6, which seems like a long shot. The other school does not rank their list, but supposedly reviews all their applicants after every interview date, which also seems like a long shot since you're competing with even more applicants after each interview.  


      It's hard to see waitlist has being a good thing when it just seems like a pending rejection. I was just wondering if there is any chance at all of waitlist ultimately being accepted vs. being rejected? 


      I have other interviews coming up but I was really hoping that at this point I would have gotten at least one acceptance somewhere. I'm really dreading the idea of having to reapply next year, although I know full well that it is a possibility that others have done before..


      If anyone has any words of encouragement, I would really appreciate it. 

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