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  1. I was too wait listed for an interview back in December. Let's keep our fingers cross for an interview and update each other. And good luck to those who are interviewing this month! :)
  2. Hi All! I was put on the Alternate List (*still keeping my fingers crossed*). Has anyone got accepted from the alternate list yet?
  3. I interviewed on 10/17 and just got placed on the alternate list. *I'm still keeping my fingers cross* This is my dream school
  4. I highly recommend a post- bac program. I brought up by sci GPA by 0.9 within a year
  5. My CASPA was verified 7/24 USC Supp Submitted 8/6 USC email notifying me that my app was complete and under review was received on 8/26 Interview Invite: 9/21
  6. Yes, I've been checking my email both my inbox and spam since I applied to PA schools. This is what Laurell Black told me "Thank you, again, for your interest in, and efforts to become a part of, the CDU PA Program. Your application is in the process of being reviewed."
  7. Unfortunately, I got a rejection email today from UPAP. Good luck to all with your interview! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors
  8. Thanks for starting the forum! Does anyone know when we will hear from MBKU? Based on previous forum, they started the invites in November.
  9. I am still anxiously waiting to hear back. I am kind of giving up hope for a chance because I received my confirmation a few months before those who already got an interview offer from CDU.
  10. I was on the same boat so I contacted the program coordinator which is Laurell Black.
  11. I got an interview invite for Oct. 17th! I am beyond excited!!! I am looking forward to meeting all of you that are interviewing the same day :)
  12. Congrats to those who got an invite and good luck! I am still anxiously waiting to hear back.
  13. Congrats everyone for getting an invitation! Still waiting anxiously to hear from UC Davis
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