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  1. Hey guys, I just gave up my interview seat for April 6th. I was really looking forward to this interview, but i'm in CA and recently got accepted at a school 20 minutes drive from home so it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Hopefully this opens up an interview seat for one of you. Best of luck!!
  2. Got my call of acceptance 2/12 and am so excited! Just wanted to let my future classmates know I’m a local, grew up & have lived in Whittier forever lol so if anyone has questions about moving here or about the area feel free to reach out to me! Hope I can help make this transition a little easier, especially for the ~50% of the cohort coming from out of state
  3. Just opened a rejection letter that came in the mail today dated 12/11/18 stating “We have completed our application review process for the 2018/19 admissions cycle.” A little bummed but still hopeful for other opportunities, but best of luck to everyone who interviewed!
  4. Was wondering if anyone has sent updates to RVU? If so how did you do that? through email or portal?
  5. Hey y’all! Started a thread for the alternate list since I’m sure we’ll have tons of questions and updates the next 6-9 months & seems like there’s a lot of us. Good luck everyone!
  6. Hey guys since it seems like there’s quite a few of us on the alternate list thought I’d start a thread for us as to not take over the other thread! Good luck to everyone! We are so close!
  7. Waitlisted! Just received the email. Has anyone started a separate thread for waitlisted people?
  8. I also get emails from PA Platform and upon reading more of the email that “accepted spotlight” was of a student who was accepted to the inaugural class & is already a student now. Don’t freak out yet guys ? I did for a sec when I got that email too
  9. Thank you @yellek ! I mailed my secondary the first week of october & received the confirmation email that the supplemental was received on 10/17. How is your experience so far in your first year? How many applicants does Clarkson typically interview? & how much notice time did you have when they invited you for interview? Sorry for so many Qs. TIA! Good luck in your studies! ?
  10. Hi @NicoleB92 @khope4 and @SandraM ! I was reading through this thread and noticed we are all interviewing together Nov 1st in the AM slot! I am new to this forum & not too familiar with the direct messaging, but if you would like to meet up the day before for a Halloween lunch or coffee please DM me your numbers & I’ll start a group text! If Nov 1st interviewees are already meeting up please let me know, I’d love to join!?
  11. I submitted CASPA on 8/15 and have yet to receive even a confirmation email. Is anyone else still in that boat?
  12. How was the preview day guys?? I really wanted to go but it “sold out” so quickly on the rsvp link. I called to try to get on the list but they said they had about 300 rsvp’s so they were full. Best of luck to everyone this cycle! ?
  13. Just received an interview invite today and signed up for November 1st at 8:00 AM. I'm flying in from Los Angeles, and will arrive on October 30th. If anyone wants to meet up let me know, i'd love to hang out so we feel more connected/calm on interview day! Here's my stats, saw lots of people in the thread asking: CASPA Submitted: 8/15 - Verified: 8/20 GPA: Overall: 3.34 - Science: 3.17 - Post-Bach Science: 3.85 Hours: EMT: 4,000+ - Volunteer : 720 - Shadowing: 110 GRE: 310 Good luck to everyone! sending all the positive juju
  14. I submitted my app 8/15 and haven't received a confirmation email yet either. For those who received an email, when did you submit? & did they invite you to compete a secondary application at the time of confirmation, or is that a separate email? Thank you! Good luck everyone! ?
  15. Thought i'd get this thread started since the deadline is coming up October 1st. Good luck to all!
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