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Air Force reserve versus National Guard

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I am a senior in high school planning on attending a four-year State University next year and joinijg ROTC. I am planning on entering into the medical field probably as a PA and am interested in going the military route. The college I'm going to has Air Force and Army ROTC so I have decided to go to go either Air Force or army. I've already spoken to my local National Guard recruiter and I've learned about the armies program for PAs but my parents are really pushing for me to go Air Force because it's "safer". I really like the army's program but I am open to airforce too. If I go airforce I am also open to active duty.I personally don't care about the safety factor and I don't mind short deployments but I want to put my education first while serving my country at the same time. Does Air Force have a good PA program too? I also may be interested in going for physician later on.

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