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  1. Started my second year of PA school a couple of weeks ago. Just curious, are people starting clinicals yet? Where are you located? We are basically on hold until further notice because of COVID (in NY). Hope we can get started soon!
  2. I am in didactic year, living with my girlfriend who is an ICU nurse. My program has been moved to online so I don’t necessarily have to be in one location for school. Wondering what the risks of staying here in this small apartment with her are compared to moving home with my parents temporarily. Would like to be able to support her through this difficult time but she is concerned that she will get me sick. For those who are on the front lines of the outbreak, how do you protect your family and loved ones when you get home from work?
  3. Hello, I have been considering the military after I graduate PA school because I have a significant amount of debt and I think it would be a great experience. Can someone explain the process of joining the National Guard as a PA with no previous military experience? Also, what is the commitment and role of a PA in the guard? Are there significant benefits for loan repayment? I would rather hear this first from someone who has been in this situation rather than a recruiter. Thanks!
  4. Hey there, I recently graduated with a bachelor's in biomedical science in May and am really trying figure out a plan during my time off before I get in to PA school. I am currently an EMT for a private company but the issue is the pay is not great ($11/hr) and my undergrad student loans are going to kick in soon. I would like to get a job in the hospital and work closer to PAs to create relationships. I have thought about medical assistant but it seems that most jobs require an MA certification. Any ideas? What are you guys doing to increase your patient care experience during gap years?
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