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Physician Assistant in Special Operations

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Hey everyone,

I am looking for a little insight on PA opportunities within the special operations community. I know that most spec ops groups, with the exception of special forces, has a PA that deploys with them, however there is not much information out there on how close to combat these PA's get. So far it sounds like Navy PA's who deploy with NSW does not get any action and it seems like PA's in the 75th Ranger Regiment get the most opportunities to get their hands dirty but the assignments are competitive. Does anyone have any experience with PA's in the 75th? I am very interested in operational medicine and being as far forward as possible, so any information about how to achieve that role as a PA in the military is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 


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Those PAs are on the far right end of the bell curve. They are very few and far between. Yes, there are PAs that are in the JSOC world but you're not going to see PAs kicking in doors. It's not their role. That's what the Medics are for in special operations. I know of PAs that were in charge of FSTs, but that is more of a conventional type unit.

You can look into JMAU/GHOST/SOST (airforce) teams. These are DCR/DCS assets that integrate with SMU or SOF. I've trained with an orthopedic surgeon on a GHOST team and was told that not many PAs are in that realm. What can a PA do that an SF/SOF medic (that can also shoot/move/communicate) can't? I was told that there are some PAs, but most of them don't function to the full capacity of a PA.

If you really want be in that world in the capacity that you had mentioned in your comment, look into becoming a medic in a SOF/SF unit.

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Christianprepa, you are not in charge of them, you are support, you provide medical guidance to the commanding officer, the community looks at competence and you will be challenged by you SF medics; as near peers in some cases . You provide assistance in medical planning as a PA attached to SOF . You assist , you are not In Charge, you are however in charge of communication up and down the COC , you communicate the wants dreams and aspirations of the very busy operators in a diplomatic officer way to the higher medical powers within their Group or above. You will be called to or allowed to operate in combat with these warriors if deemed worthy. You are judged constantly, the way you work , speed , care , looks, speech and ... I think you get the picture..

our PA is a bad ass in the 1980’s action movie sense , giant Austrian blooded beef up spinal surgical PA. He can shoot move and communicate. He has been invited everywhere for everything, precisely due to his hunger for adventure, never cowering from responsibility, 

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