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Class of 2014 interviews

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I also interviewed on the 16th (a Friday) and was called with an invite by the 19th (Monday). FWIW, I was told they decide shortly after the interview, so if you haven't been called yet, I would start calling them.


To answer an earlier question about interviews, when I picked my date (9/16), there were still several interview dates open all the way out to November (possibly December too, though I can't remember for sure).


Good Luck!


FTRPA- I interviewed the 16th and have not heard anything either. :/ But I have heard that a couple people from my interview group were accepted.
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I have looked at the website recently and they are having interviews pretty frequently. I interviewed on September 30 and I was in the third group to interview. They told us they are doing 10 groups total. I have not heard anything since my interview about being accepted/rejected.

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I sent my CASPA in the beginning of June, I received an Interview invite 9/16 and interviewed on Oct. 7th. Has anyone who interviewed oct. 7th heard anything? I here that they usually let you know on the weekend or shortly after....


My interview was pretty standard however I did not get asked the entire day why I wanted to be a PA, or why I want to continue to work in health care. I thought that this was a bit odd. They asked more about ethical dilemmas and strengths/weaknesses. I am a reapplicant and I was asked how I have improved and why I though i didn't get accepted. I was also asked what the hardest decision I ever had to make was. I see that they are trying to get to know me, But I feel that they didnt really get to see my motives in wanting to become a PA. Hopefully it was enough for them to see that I would make a good candidate.


Good luck to all!

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