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  1. I am pretty sure the only South PA schools are in Tampa and Savannah. Did they start a new one?
  2. Hello! Good for you! The MA program is great. I was wait listed for the program and I got accepted to a school in GA that starts next week. I decided to head to GA. Just too risky to wait and see and I am really ready to be a PA. Good luck!!!!! Hope you get in. Please keep me updated and if you have any questions or need anything let me know!!!
  3. Completely agree with dncntaz!! Oh hey did you here back from South????
  4. They made the decisions yesterday. If you didn't hear by phone then it means you were probably waitlisted. You can call the school to find out.
  5. I am starting school in January, and I will absolutely using my iPad. the apple store has a numerous amount of apps that allow you to annotate lecture slides and highlight/underline/note and print out these lectures. The iPad is also very useful for buying/downloading your texts books and will allow you to look up information at a click of a finger while reading. If your going to get a "tablet like" device, the iPad is the way to go!!!!!
  6. No nothing! Guess we will get letters soon. Hopefully waitlist letters!
  7. Has anyone heard anything yet today? I know they were meeting today sometime!! Man am I anxious as ever!
  8. Orientation is the week of the 9th and classes start on the 17th.
  9. Well thank you very much!!! That means a lot to me!! Good luck to you as well! I interviewed with Ms. Coplan PA-C and Ms. Williams PA-C. They were very nice and so easy to talk with.
  10. Oh no that is awful! I also did not get an email for the interview invite, but I check my online portal like 20 times a day haha... Glad you got an interview and good luck!! OK TOMORROW AFTERNOON CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!! I am so anxious to find out!!!!
  11. The interviewing experience was beyond what I had imagined. It was super exciting and laid back and it was such a great opportunity!!! Cannot wait for Thursday-decision day- to come!!!! Good job to everyone else who interviewed on the 3rd!!!
  12. Thank you! I think I am nervous because this is my #1 top choice. I went to Midwestern for my Biomedical Science Masters and it is such an amazing school!!!! Cannot wait for my interview... super excited to be back on campus with a shot and continue my journey!!!!
  13. Did you receive one? Did you talk to her and do you know how it is working?
  14. Anyone interviewing November 3rd!!? So excited!!!! And Nervous!!
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