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UGGHH it's on the tip of my brain!!!

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Hey fellow GI/Hep people. I have been racking my brain to remember the term for "Signs of liver failure." It includes caput medusae, acites, hyperbilirubinemia etc. I can't for the life of me remember it and I tried googling and no luck. We used it all the time at my GI/Hep/Liver tx rotation at school but i have since forgotten (i was in physiatry for 5 mos:smile: )


If you guys know it can u help a GI brotha out?

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Portal hypertension features:


Ascites, Bleeding (hematemesis, piles), Caput medusae, Diminished liver, Enlarged spleen


Chronic liver diseaseSigns


A Asterixis (ʻliver flapʼ)/Ascites/Ankle oedema/Atrophy of testiclesB Bruising/BP.C Clubbing/Colour change of nails; white (leuconychia)D Dupuytrenʼs contractureE Erythema (palmar)/EncephalopathyF hepatic FoetorG GynaecomastiaH Hepato splenomegalyI Increase in size of parotids

J Jaundice



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