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  1. Too generous, E! Last time I did the Kaplan test bank and looked up the stuff I got wrong Honestly I'm thinking about ignoring peds and taking that section cold I'm so out of the loop on recert (given how irrelevant it is to real life practice), I figured some young sharp PAs here would know the latest resources on the interwebs. But I will take your advice to heart.... M
  2. Hello all, Recert time again. Lots more online reviews/Q banks etc available. Any recommendations? Medchallenger, myCME, Rosh....help me out here folks. -A
  3. None of it will work until your SP supports it. Work on that first.
  4. there I opened up my inbox so it should work now
  5. Let's clarify- In surgery there are PAs that can function at attending level, just not in all aspects of surgery. Meaning- PAs will never be trained or credentialed to perform independent operations, but they will provide autonomous (independent for all intents and purposes) perioperative care. So the PA-attending equivalence is not universal, but it does exist in certain aspects. There is also nothing wrong with suggesting an experienced PA is on par with a fellow in a given specialty. I'm surprised that PAs on this forum would equivocate on such a question! Have you lost your con
  6. A universal EMR, or at least the ability of different EMRs to seamlessly communicate. The amount of work we put into getting records from outside providers is a huge burden. It also leads to potentially serious errors due to second hand info or misinformation. We should be able to get immediate, accurate info on any pt that arrives at an ER or clinic in about 5 mins.
  7. The "4 A's" of QT prolongation: Antibiotics Antispsychotics Antiemetics Antiarrhythmics
  8. The typical arrhythmia in QT prolongation is torsades; block is less common. She's 84 and likely has underlying conduction disease, exacerbated by nausea/vagal tone. Prolonged refractoriness in LQT can sometimes look like 2dAVB
  9. The half hour before practice with thiazide+loop is a bit if an old wives tale. The pharmacology behind it is accurate but I've been using lasix or bumex + metolazone for years and giving them simultaneously still gives a very potent diuresis.
  10. The answer depends on the capability and units in your hospital. There are various places that have higher acuity floor unit with better RN ratios and specialty capability- CPAP, certain gtts (lasix, ntg, nontitrating/low dose inotropes). Your hospital should have specific ICU criteria. If they don't meet it then (in my experience) you make the case to the ICU charge about why you want an ICU bed. If someone just doesn't feel right for the floor, their labs/numbers are trending in the wrong direction, you're just plain worried, you can make a case for ICU if not step-down or intermediate care
  11. 3.5 for carotids? A bit much! I also use Designs for Vision 2.5, for many yrs. Works fine. If you're working on a thin walled distal that is <1.5 mm the 3.5s will help but 2.5s are a good all around mag. The loupes are important for clipping/tying and identifying vein branches after your harvest, I wouldn't try that w/ naked eye.
  12. I would rather a specialty specific take home (or sit down) exam and that's it. The problem is not so much pathway I vs II but rather the irrelevancy of the general PANRE to so many specialty PAs. I'll say again.....how would any of you PAs in "generalist" fields or those who want to maintain certification in "general knowledge" feel about taking a specialty exam in CT surgery or ortho. Doesn't feel very useful, does it?
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