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Logging CME for EM:RAP

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I have a bunch of CME for EM:RAP, but NCCPA won't let me log it. Doesn't appear to be one of the "accepted" providers. I've tried every possible name I could think of...Anyone else managed to log CME? How can you "appeal" their list of providers? As we all know, NCCPA isn't the most user friendly...



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From what I have seen, EM:Rap is eligible for AMA PRA Category I credits. However, I haven't been able to discern who the provider is - not sure if it is USC, The Center for Emergency Medical Education, or other. Have e-mailed this question to the "contact" address on emrap.org and will post whatever response I get.

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I had to poke around the site for it and found that it was accredited a few years back - unsure of which one.....



This is what I previously logged it as for 2008-10 and it went through


[TABLE=class: tableGrid]

[TR=class: oddstatic]

[TD=align: left]2008-2010 [/TD]

[TD] 4.00 [/TD]

[TD] I [/TD]

[TD=align: left]02/02/2010 [/TD]

[TD=align: left]EM:REP Feb 2010 [/TD]

[TD=align: left] American College of Emergency Physicians [/TD]

[TD=align: left] ACCME [/TD]

[TD=align: left] [/TD]


[TR=class: static]

[TD]2008-2010 [/TD]

[TD]24.00 [/TD]

[TD]I [/TD]

[TD]07/21/2010 [/TD]

[TD]EM:RAP Jan/Mar/Apr/May/Jun/July [/TD]

[TD]American College of Emergency Physicians [/TD]




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