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  1. There was a recent Twitter stream from May 15th on this very topic. Great read if you can find it. One of the posters linked a great anthropological summary/critique of the term "pimping", proposed alternative term : "toxic quizzing". https://icenetblog.royalcollege.ca/2018/12/11/an-overdue-rant-on-pimping-toxic-quizzing/
  2. Urgent Care RAP is great. Similar quality as EMRAP. It is essentially EMRAP "lite", many of same core concepts, less critical care.
  3. I worked for VEP for about 8 years and the group is solid and well run. They are a democratic group that allows PAs to be shareholders. There is a PA currently sitting on their Board of Directors..almost unheard of with other groups. The strike team concept is great for those who have the flexibility to travel around. Most hospital sites in California, but some in Texas, Virginia, New Mexico, and a few other places.
  4. AgileMD. Download the app and then add ALIEM (Academic Life in Emergency Medicine) PV Cards. The cards are interactive and continuously updated and developed by UCSF's Michelle Lin. Through Agile MD, you can also add Clinical Essentials and other ED specific information to use on iPhone. Agile MD is used by residents and staff at Highland here in SF/Bay Area.
  5. I've been an ER PA for about 7 years with several years in PA education. I agree that training a new grad is big undertaking. This is a trial for my group and docs and PAs will be involved in training. I get paid decently as lead PA to organize things. This student does have an EMS background, but unfortunately, PAs these days are getting younger and younger with less experience. We've hired a couple of folks that have had a couple of years of ER experience, but we are finding so many that are poorly trained and even more dangerous than you would imagine. This is not the norm for the group...we'd be crazy if it was.
  6. Hello all, My ER group just recently hired a new grad that spent 6 weeks with us during her ER rotation. She is a sharp student and did an excellent job and is the first student that we have ever hired from rotations. She is due to start working with us this June after graduation. I want to integrate her into the department slowly, so I was wondering if any of you had any ideas as to the best ways to bring her along. I have told her that I would try to arrange for double coverage with close oversight for the first 3-6 months and then expand her role from there. Our ER is moderately sized (37,000 visits per year) with separate fast track run by PAs with another PA shift seeing pts fairly independently along with ER doc. Our oversight is excellent with a great, collaborative staff. I am envisioning sort of a pseudo ER residency-type setup for her, so any help would be appreciated. I'd like to write this up formally to hopefully use in the future with new grads or PAs new to EM. Certain skills to know? How long before solo work? Certifications/CME prior to working solo? Thanks, lamontpa
  7. Please add me as well: lphunter02@gmail.com
  8. Not sure about FHx of CVA....this is all the info I got
  9. Hey all, I'm just curious as to everyone's use of head CT in the workup of extremely high blood pressure without headache or neuro deficits. I know that most of us would check some basic labs including chemistry panel, EKG and CXR to assess for end-organ damage, but what about head CT? A colleague of mine working in an ED treated a middle-aged female for extremely high BP (>210 systolic, >100 systolic) with only complaint of mild nausea and vomiting for 1 week. Pt was noncompliant with HTN regimen. Pt had no HA and no neuro deficit. Her labs and EKG were normal and she was treated and released. Pt returned a day later still with no HA or neuro symptoms, but had head CT that showed small hemorrhage adjacent to left lateral ventricle.
  10. Thanks everyone for your help. I logged it this way and it went through.
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I'm also having issues with logging CME for EMRAP. Anyone have any advice?
  12. I just finished my first week of my first PA job (in occ med) and I really enjoyed it. I work with a solo doc, seeing 25-30 patients/day between the two of us. I love the fact that i get to perform so many procedures and it is exciting to know that any kind of gnarly acute injury could come at a moment's notice. The only possible downfall of working in occ med is all of the worker's comp paperwork and administrative stuff. My questions are: 1. How would you rate working in occ med on a scale of 1-10 2. What are the pros and cons of your day! Thanks, lamontpa Acute Occ Med, California
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