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  1. logos

    Hippo review for sale

  2. logos

    Hippo review for sale

    Hippo review. Expires 12/18 Will throw in 3 Roosh exams 250 Thanks!
  3. logos

    Want to buy Hippo review

    Pm sent
  4. logos

    Looking to purchase HippoEd

    I may be able to sell mine if I pass on 5/7 Thanks!
  5. I agree with you. I would not certify. Let your attending know you are not comfortable clearing him. I did these for a number of years and remember some vey upset patients that did not pass. If your attending recommends signing ask him if you can put the patient on his schedule for him to complete the paperwork. Not ideal, but a reasonable option.
  6. logos

    From Urgent Care to Primary Care

    Congrats! I made a similar transition last year and couldn't be happier! I would recommend subscribing to primary care rap! I was a die hard emrap subscriber for the last 8 years. The same folks released primary care rap 2 years ago. It will keep you up to date and help to fill in any knowledge gaps.
  7. logos


    ERcast hosted by Rob Orman. Latest episode was a no holds barred cage match comparison between acetaminophin vs ibuprofen for pain/fever. He also occasional hosts emrap in place of Mel....and it's free Puscast is a nice short ID pod cast by Mark Crislip I'm a big emrap fan, but occasionally I skip the pieces that I'm less interested in. The subscription give you access to old episodes so there's no shortage of topics. Plus there so much cme that I haven't needed to log other cat1 credits for my last 3 cycles. I'll mention emcrit as well but may also have the aspect of emrap that isn't as engaging for you
  8. logos

    Logging CME for EM:RAP

    Log EMRAP as sponsored by the AMA and for the provider use the ACEP. I have done this for the last 2 cycles and never had a problem.

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