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Explaining Taking a Job for Philip Morris

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So I'm all grown up, am about to graduate from PA school, and I've started interviewing for jobs.


One summer during college, I lost my mind, decided I wanted to be in sales, and took a job as a sales intern for Philip Morris. Not only were they the only people who hired me, but they also paid unbelievably well. The summer was a diaster, I hated every minute of it, and a few weeks in, knew I was headed down a very wrong road. After that, I focused on science classes while I finished college and five years later I'm an almost PA.


The company (a pulmonology practice!) is about to do a background check. Not sure what it includes.


Question: Do I beat them to the punch and fess up now? Explain I have no ties? Could this be a deal breaker?

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I don't understand what the issue here is...You fear that because you worked for a cigarette manufacturer you can't now have a job as a pulmonary PA?


I personally don't think someone would discriminate against you in that way, and that hiring you would be based upon your current skill abilities and desire to be a good pulmonary PA. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm naive or misunderstand.


I don't think it's a big deal whether you tell them or not. Who cares if you worked a few months in sales for Philip Morris.... ?


Am I incorrect in such an assessment? I wouldn't worry too much about it. Again, just my opinion. :)

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Good lord, I'm glad I'm not alone. In my early 20's I spent a year working for a marketing subsidiary of the good folks who bring you Camel and Winston brand cigarettes. I can tell you that this has NEVER come up as a provider and had no influence on my getting into PA school. It is just an interesting sidebar. Just have a quick witty response if it gets brought up, but I doubt it will.


If they DO bring it up though, just tell them that some doctors LOVE to smoke.





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