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  1. Housing/food=$5,600/mo x 16 = $89,000 Tuition/fees= ~$18,000. So, if I didn't have a family of 5... and find it important to maintain their standard of living during my schooling. .. I could have gotten it done for $28,000. Bay area is expensive...!!! : - /
  2. Personally... I DON'T work for free. ..! If I can't sleep in ... or have a beer, breakfast/lunch or dinner in... another town/state/provence ... I can't be as incapacitated/unavailable as "I" want to be... I can't wake up ... hung-over... on a boat with a big ass fish on the line... on agreed upon days and hours off... then I'm working. Again... I DON'T WORK FOR FREE...!!! (Unless I'm doing charity.) : - l Carry on YMMV BST
  3. Still need 3-4 psych PAS ... Eastern Oklahoma near Tulsa. Expidited Hiring process All customary benefits All federal holidays Competitive Pay Job security af yr ER 24 month probation Can transfer to other medical centers. Can Participate in Disaster Medicine Deployments Who's interested
  4. Had a dude complain that I didn't maintain eye contact with him while doing a hernia check... Had a lady complain that I put on gloves to examine her pelvic area. Said It was insulting because it insinuated that I thought she was dirty... Had a patient try to dress me down in the hallway outside the restroom for not washing my hands. I was standing there staring blankly at him vigorously rubbing the high strength hand sanitizer in from the wall mounted dispenser as he stood there ranting. I then explained to him what I was doing, then pointed out the wall mounted dispensers every 30 ft along the hallway. He left and went and complained to the patient advocate. The patient advocate then complained to my boss. My boss then complained to me. They then the the ID nurse involved. She suggested that the patient was correct. And that I complete a handwashing class. I then went to the OFFICIAL hospital policy on hand washing... printed out a buck of copies of it, Highlighted the parts that demonstrated that I was indeed correct... then interoffice mailed each and everyone of them a copy. Then copy and pasted the policy in a email to all of them and asked which one of them was going to call the patient inform him he was wrong and educate him on the use of the dispensers THEY require use to use. Crickets chirping....! : - l
  5. Nope... Not even related. Carry on YMMV Contrarian
  6. It's all relative... A brand new $27k hybrid with a 100k miles bumper to bumper warranty for a new PA might make much more sense... if that PA drives 90 miles round trip for work... to and from a house with a with $1,100 monthly mortgage instead of a rental with a $875 rent payment. Carry on... YMMV Contrarian
  7. PAs and NPs can now prescribe buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) using their own DEA number.
  8. 8:30am - 4:30pm 1 hour lunch 30 minutes for follow ups. 60 minutes for New to me patients. Usually 8-14/day Sit, listen, talk/teach. Luv Psychiatry...! ; - )
  9. Right... I get that E... It's not a "clinical" doctorate. You didn't spend money to regurgitate the stuff you know in your sleep. The "DBH" has a "clinical" track... It also has a administration track focused on teaching how to actually RUN/HEAD/CEO a large health care organization. That's what I'm interested in. Big office Meetings Long lunches Big checks ; - )
  10. True... So competent PA spending $80k on a "doctorate" thats only going to beat the HTN,DM,CAD,BPH,Smoking Cessation, Therapeutic Lifestyle Modification, weight loss and diet horse to DEATH... When they already know this stuff in their sleep is getting this "doctorate" for what besides... ummm... personal ummm growth and a title..?
  11. That said... Personally, I have no interest in a "clinical" doctorate. Just not interested in spending the $$$ just for a title. What I am interested in is a doctorate that will pave the way for administration. ASU - DBH does that.
  12. Yes... pay in .gov IS influenced by degree type. I have PAs that I supervise that whine about their pay but won't get a Masters. Even after I've sat them down and showed them why they are 1-2 grades or 8 steps BELOW all the others on the service. .. to include the new grads and new hires. Also... NPs being paid more is only true sometimes. At my medical center. .. NPs top out at $128k/yr... PAs at $136/yr.
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