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I was scheduled to attend my initial ATLS course in Scottsdale in September 24th but the class was just cancelled. The locums job I was suppose to start September 28th was dependent on me getting my ATLS certification first.


I have found it very difficult to enroll in an ATLS class because many of these classes either don't accept P.A.'s or only allow a small

percentage of the class to be P.A.'s because they "want to maintain avalibile slots" for any M.D.'s that want to enroll.


I know about the American College of surgeons ATLS Course Lookup site and there are no more available courses in September

for P.A.'s Believe me, I've checked them all on listed on this site



But I've discovered that there are actually more ATLS classes than are included on the American College of Surgeon ATLS Course Lookup site.


Any info on any ATLS courses you know of for the initial ATLS certification in September or possibly October would be greatly appreciated.



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google ATLS


click on the first link (I think its): https:www.facs.org/...trauma/atls


find "course search" follow the instructions.


I found 20+ ATLS courses in Sept. that take "physician extenders". didn't check Oct, nov, etc. (and didn't check for open slots)  You may  need to travel. But if your job depends on getting the cert. probably worth it.

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