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  1. Thanks EMEDPA, I will check that out!
  2. I was scheduled to attend my initial ATLS course in Scottsdale in September 24th but the class was just cancelled. The locums job I was suppose to start September 28th was dependent on me getting my ATLS certification first. I have found it very difficult to enroll in an ATLS class because many of these classes either don't accept P.A.'s or only allow a small percentage of the class to be P.A.'s because they "want to maintain avalibile slots" for any M.D.'s that want to enroll. I know about the American College of surgeons ATLS Course Lookup site and there are no more available course
  3. Any Montana PA's out there? I recently got a Montana license and plan on doing some Locums in Montana this summer. Any likes or dislikes concerning the state, where to work, best parts of the state to live, etc? I lean more towards the western part of the state. Beautiful mountains, more scenic, more things to do outdoors both summer and winter. Skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, log cabins, summer festivals, hiking. So far, Missoula is my top town to move to. Plan on visiting there this summer to check it out. Seems to be more cosmopolitan. Quite a bit going on there e
  4. Do any of you who work Locum Tenens under a 1099 position have an LLC or do you work only as a Sole Proprietor? The tax requirements are the same but I am considering forming an LLC for my protection against any malpractice liability to protect my personal assets. Of course, any Locum job I get I will ensure that the company provides malpractice coverage. But I am concerned about extra protection in case the malpractice insurance doesn't fully cover everything in the event of a catastrophic lawsuit. I've had an LLC before with a previous 1099 position and doing the taxes (I used T
  5. OK. I've read the NCCPA website on the new Self-Assessment and Performance Improvement CME requirements and I'm still confused on exactly what they are and how to get them. The little video on the NCCPA site suggests that the 20 hours of PI CMEs will only cost $25. Yet when I go to the AAPA website link https://cme.aapa.org/Default.aspx and then click the PI and SA tabs in the upper left corner all I see is a long list of web sites possibly offering CMEs but they all cost MUCH MORE than $25 to obtain. Most are charging over $125 !! I've read the few previous PA Forum topics concerning
  6. Same question as Jen0508. Only 1mg of Zofran??? That doesn't make sense. I usually give 4 or 8mg at a time. No way that could have improved your nausea.
  7. Took my PANRE in Atlanta this past Tuesday August 13th and just got my results the following (today) Monday the 19th. Pretty quick turnaround! I passed with a 590. Hallelujah!
  8. Greetings, I'm a Physician Assistant about to move to Atlanta from Florida. In the process of applying for my Georgia Medical License. The Georgia Composite Medical Board tells me that I must have a job in Georgia and have the supervising physician sign the required paperwork BEFORE my Georgia medical license can be brought up to the board to even review and hopefully approve my application for a state license. This is very odd and strange. The Medical Board only meets once a month and they say it could take 4-6 weeks to get approval or denial. So I have to tell a prospective
  9. Hey man, read some of your posts. So I figured I'd ask a few questions if you don't mind.How did you get into PA school with no medical experience (as I also have none)? What schools did you apply for? How did you do in college?

  10. Happy birthday to all Marines. Semper Fi!!!!!!!
  11. Obviously you are right-brained. So you might as well go with a career that suits your personality and traits. You'll be happier for it.
  12. I didn't start college until I was 25. It was very difficult getting my brain back in the groove after being away from academics for 7 years. By the time I started PA school I was ready for the rigorous academic schedule ahead of me. As Andersen said, there have been other threads on this topic. But to sum it up, the future for a PA career field is very, very bright.
  13. As stated before by other posters, Marsh Affinity in Chicago is the best that I know of. This is the company I use for my LLC.
  14. Did you hear the one about the PA who was an agnostic, had dyslexia, and suffered from insomnia? He stayed up all night wondering whether or not there was a dog..............................
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