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  1. I agree. In addition to my Mt. gig for a little over year I've been working in a 23 bed ED in Az. Early in this thing I had extended exposure to COVID + pts. while only wearing a surgical mask. And I was in the room(s) long enough to intubate, place central lines and the like. And i have not gotten sick. When we hit our peak we had a 67% positive rate and were holding 6+ COVID+ pts in the ED for hours to days. We were seeing 100+ pts a day with one doc and 2 apps. I do think BMI plays a role my experience is that over weight people don't do well. And over weight diabetics seems t
  2. The article was a bit of a buzz kill. This was buried in the middle of the article, so the jury may still be out on Remdesiver. "The emerging data appear inconsistent with more robust evidence from multiple randomized, controlled studies published in peer-reviewed journals validating the clinical benefit of Veklury (remdesivir). We are concerned that the data from this open- label global trial have not undergone the rigorous review required to allow for constructive scientific discussion," Gilead said in a statement". "The benefits of Veklury have been demonstrated in three rando
  3. I remember those days. For vifb/vtach we learned shock, shock, shock, Everybody, shock, Little, shock, Big, shock, Mama, shock, Papa, shock.
  4. No idea, I'm not a cards PA so I never looked into it.
  5. I never said the OP was qualified for all the posted jobs. Just pointing out there are jobs out there. I didn't see where the 10 jobs have preference of NP. thou, I will admit I didn't look close. And yes if the OP wants to live in or near Livingston he/she would have a better chance of getting a job as a ranch hand. On the other hand if the OP is flexible they could take a position in another area and work on getting to the Livingston area. I'm not saying its going to be easy, but its not impossible.
  6. I have been a practicing PA in MT since 2008. with the exception of one small hospital, I have not experienced or heard of a preference of NP over PA, or new grad over experience. A ten second search of indded.com tonight resulted in 30+ PA jobs in MT. That does not include IHS jobs, 3r.net, or jobs advertised elsewhere. So there are plenty of jobs. Depending on specialty and where you are willing to live of course. I agree with the above that the Bozeman area (as well as other areas such as the Missoula area and the Flathead valley) are very desirable places to live. As such there are fewer j
  7. Evolute


    I had to do this many years ago. As I remember the call is with you, your physician of record and the PA member of the board. They basically discuss the rules and regs. in regard to PA practice (prescriptions, chart review etc). most of the call was spent listening to the PA and making small talk. IMHO its just one more hoop to jump through that adds nothing to anything. Where in MT do you plan to practice?
  8. I completely agree. We get asymptomatic patients in the ED all the time with htn sent in by their pcp or uc. I say yeah your BP is to high in the long run but it's not high enough to treat in the ED. You have no signs of end organ damage. Follow up with your pcp..... then they get pissed b/c their pcp told them to go to the ED. So now they get an additional ED bill. Thanks for the extra several hundred dollar bill.. ...
  9. It aint me brother. My standard line is "I don't refill chronic pain medications in the er, you need to call the provider who prescribed the pain medication"..... then wait for it...... wait for it..... pt response...you fking a $$hole, you won't help me!!!!? Can't you see I'm I pain? My response, I am helping you, call your provider, I can offer you tylenol or ibuprofen . The tirait then begins.... had this. Very conversation today. Funny how many times they can't explain why they ran out of their pain meds early. Not judging, just sayin
  10. Bed side ultra sound answers the question (if you have the training). Its fast to do and noninvasive. You see a puss pocket, drain it, you don't... don't cut
  11. Having been through (as a witness) one ~4 hour deposition as a paramedic, one trial, felony assault with a weapon (Solo ED coverage), and one murder trial (again, solo ED coverage). IMHO you can never chart to much. To answer your first question, no you are not charting to much. As for calling the ED, In Montana (I cannot speak for other states) there is no legal obligation to call the ED if you are sending a pt from a clinic (FM or specialty) or UC to call the ED. Having said that we encourage, and welcome a provider to provider report. Because most of the time the pt shows up with a cc
  12. Boats, I understand your argument. You and I work in similar ED's (CAH's, solo coverage) Playing the devils advocate, We ( as many other PA's), make independent patient care decisions every day without physician input. By that I mean, we make the decision how to best treat the pt, and the physician reviews the chart later. Is that not, in a since independent practice? In the ED we make a dispo. on a pt and the doc doesn't review the chart until later, unless you consult the doc for every pt? Do you? Again a form of independent practice. Regarding solo ED coverage, to the best of my knowle
  13. The drill press rocks!!!!! Of course he needs a bigger shop. The fact that you even question the fact that he needs a bigger shop defies reason..... every guy needs a bigger shop. if he does get a bigger shop I want to put him to work to lobby my wife for a bigger shop for me. lol
  14. RC2, I all most forgot, did you get the drill press?
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