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  1. I can attend Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) course through our hospital offering. Anyone have thoughts on this course from EM perspective?
  2. In your contract, ask for a make up in difference of salary for annual training and deployments. I average 12 shifts/month and during month of annual training have requirement to work 6 shifts. I have no specific benefits for drill weekends, usually scheduler won't put my on the day before drill.
  3. Army National Guard: BOLC is two phases, one being an online portion and the second phase being a resident portion at Fort Sam in San Antonio. You'll have some adventures to Camp Bullis (a training area) and also plenty of classroom style training while in BOLC phase II which is about 26 days total. After commissioning, you'll have two years to attend BOLC. When you go to BOLC often depends on state and unit funding to which you are assigned. APFT taking annually it traditional Guardsman.
  4. End of October, course at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC. Slots still open. Not sure how far you're looking to travel.
  5. Sounds interesting for sure and I wish you much success with this opportunity. During deployment, I came across and interesting article regarding CATs which were strapped on body armor/weapons which had a higher failure rate. From the article, it was felt exposure to elements caused a higher failure rate so ensure these do have protection by either being in kit with other equipment or in a cargo pocket or TQ holster. Interestingly, a follow on study showed less failure with SOFT-W when exposed to the elements.
  6. I had the option of choosing to go with the Engineer Battalion or the single MEDCOM in our state. I chose the Engineers so I could get out in the field and do more Army stuff than at the MEDCOM (ex shooting, field exercises, etc). I returned from a nine month deployment in July and had a very positive experience in Afghanistan. I had the option to leave at six months but decided prior to deploying that I wouldn't be doing that. With the Engineers, I'm a Battalion asset so I report directly to the Battalion Commander. The BC is an Engineer by trade--I advise the BC on medical issues as a me
  7. My family and I are getting ready to head down to Wilmington in a few weeks. Looking for some good food recommendations--The George is on the list so far. We have a 3-year-old, so family friendly preferred. Any suggestions? How about any good local coffee or beer?
  8. tslanta-- It does seem as if there is some job saturation in the Wilmington area, I've come across only a few openings. I'm looking for an ED position personally if you do know of any. I've had a few calls/emails to Eastern Carolina Emergency Physicians which contracts out to New Hanover Regional Medical Center but not much luck in talking to them. Are you from the area or move there for other reasons? Wish you luck in your search! Corpsman-- I'm looking forward to checking out the USS North Carolina and I'll be sure to go to The George--looks like some good food!
  9. Thank you both for your reply to this post. We're hoping to make a trip back out in March to spend more time in the Wilmington area. Are most of the ER jobs through these physician agencies--I'm not finding too many posted outside of ApolloMD. I'll reach out to both groups you mention and thanks for the perspective on ApolloMD vs Schumaker. Any specific recommendations on things to check out? One thing we hear which sounds quite positive is how much the area is described as being family friendly--certainly a big draw to have that plus a good job. Thanks again!
  10. My family is looking into options of a warmer climate than Maine and have become attracted to the Wilmington, NC area. Does any have any input on how this area is for family, working as a PA in regards to EM job options and salary? I've noticed some advertisements from ApolloMD, an organization we don't have in Maine, anyone have thoughts on this group? Overall take of being a PA in NC? Lastly, anyone have experience in NC as a PA in the National Guard--wondering how slotting looks for interstate transfers. Thanks!
  11. Pulling this back to make a quick comment. For those thinking about boots on the ground as only 180 days, think of this: most deployments for units are really 9+ months, can you or your fellow soldiers do without you being there for the entire deployment? You know these guys and gals and if you leave after 6 months in country, that's crummy... kenyabill how goes the process for you?
  12. MainePA

    August BOLC

    Yeah but the air conditioned tents at Camp Bullis aren't bad!!!
  13. I did some work like this for an insurance company. Was a nice side gig while work was available. Completed the Home Health Assessment which pretty much translated to a medical records review, checked medications, took a BP and quick urine dip then completed and faxed the records back. With mine you did no diagnosing or medical management so oversight wasn't a problem. Make sure you talk to your employer about the distance you'll travel, number of contacts in the area and partial compensation for any clients who cancel when you arrive at their house. Enjoy!
  14. Great ideas everyone, I appreciate the feedback. I haven't run across the T1G that was mentioned---took a look at the website and seems to be a very well thought out program. Keep you posted on what gets approved/denied. Thanks!
  15. For those of you who have deployed, what are the the best military pre-deployment medical classes to attend as a PA and any recommendations for my medics? I've looked at ATRRS but would like to rank these so we can prioritize the funding. 3GeronimoPA--any words of wisdom from your recent return? Any resources you favor?
  16. If you go IPAP you'll pick up your Master's degree and the Army will foot the bill. Make sure you speak to a medical recruiter--not every state has one but there is at least one in each region and these folks can fill you in. Have the local recruiter follow chain of command to find a healthcare recruiter if they don't know who it is.
  17. Good book about the EIS history and cases they have investigated, quick read: http://www.amazon.com/Beating-Back-Devil-Maryn-McKenna/dp/1439123101/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1320327721&sr=8-1
  18. Not necessarily, you get no credit for years of practice in the new england region (Army), only credit for prior military. PA of 15 years=1LT Brand new PA=1LT Bachelor/Master PA=1LT There may be some slight variation throughout the country but overall you won't be ranked higher than a 1LT regardless of PA experience unless you are former military or have doctorate level degree--this coming from a regional medical specialist recruiter. Years of PA experience carried heavier weight in the past however since the addition of the doctorate program at Baylor, civilian experience is no l
  19. In our neck to the woods Army PAs direct commission as a 1LT. If you have prior military you can expect CPT. If you hold a doctorate MAJ (One of the reasons there is an army doctorate program is to make PAs more promotable). PA experience not counted initially but is when looking at promotions. PA students can direct commission holding a student slot as 2LT and when passing NCCPA are promoted to 1LT. New England region has never seen a medical provider direct commission as a MAJ unless a doctorate level degree. MD/DO will be CPT. Brought this question up to a fellow PA who in t
  20. Anyone ever work on an oil platform? I've heard there may be some PAs working in this aspect but haven't come across any. I suspect the work is similar to occ health/urgent care.
  21. Anyone ever work on an oil platform? I've heard there may be some PAs working in this aspect but haven't come across any. I suspect the work is similar to occ health/urgent care.
  22. brown, are you sold on ANG or considering ARNG. I'm with an Engineering Battalion in ARNG, haven't been deployed but can speak of my experiences if you want to message me. JMC
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