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Should I wait for next year?

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This is kind of a spazzy anxious post, but here goes:


Undergrad GPA: 3.89 (political science)

Science GPA: 3.7 (not a lot of upper-level stuff)


Anatomy and Physiology: A-

Microbiology: A

Pathophysiology: B+

Organic Biochemistry: A

Gen Chem I: A

Lifespan Developmental Psych: A

Statistics: A

The Human Genome: A


Finishing one prerequisite this fall (300-level Human Physiology)

Also taking Medical Terminology and Medical Ethics


PCE 250 hours in the US as a muscular dystrophy patient's caregiver

PCE 1500 hours in Peru as a medical assistant, interpreter, and coordinator


GRE 170 verbal, 163 quantitative


Fluent Spanish


Recs from PA, MD, and clinical supervisor.


I think I'm thinnest on the science coursework. If you were going to add one course, what would it be?

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