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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to access your NSU supplemental application to review it?
  2. I received my interview invite this morning! I will be there October 26th at 12!
  3. GRE reported them yesterday and they were on my on my CASPA application today!
  4. Does anyone know if there are dates left in September for interviews?
  5. ASH239

    Should I wait for next year?

    I would apply this year if you feel ready! You're certainly competitive! :)
  6. Congratulations and good luck to all those with interviews! For those who have received invites would you mind sharing your stats? Thank you!
  7. Congratulations! What were the interview dates offered?
  8. Has anyone received an interview invite yet?
  9. Has anyone been invited for an interview yet?
  10. I'm taking the GRE August 3rd and want to know about how long my official scores will take to post to my application.
  11. ASH239


    Yes! Interviews don't start until October so they will probably start invites sometime in September
  12. I wanted to get this thread started. Please feel free to share anything about your application process!

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