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Any Montana PA's Out There?

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Any Montana PA's out there?


I recently got a Montana license and plan on doing some Locums in Montana this summer.


Any likes or dislikes concerning the state, where to work, best parts of the state to live, etc?


I lean more towards the western part of the state. Beautiful mountains, more scenic, more things to

do outdoors both summer and winter. Skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, log cabins,

summer festivals, hiking.


So far, Missoula is my top town to move to. Plan on visiting there this summer to check it out.

Seems to be more cosmopolitan. Quite a bit going on there especially for a town of just 70K people.


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Hello! I'm a soon to be PA-S, but I've been here in Montana for about 5 years. If you are looking for cosmopolitan, I also recommend Bozeman. I'm biased, but I think Bozeman is hands-down the best Montana town to live in. Missoula is by far not as beautiful, and if you are looking for outdoor activities, there is less to do there than a lot of the other towns. Bozeman is gorgeous, the skiing is really good (you're close to Big Sky too), and the hiking is phenomenal and close. Then there are also a lot of really good restaurants, and a mix of college students, techies, some hippies, and such (Missoula is totally a hippie town, which has its charm too). When it comes to working as a PA, based on my interactions with PAs here, you get way more autonomy/opportunities in the rural areas--in a place like Bozeman jobs are super competitive.

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Hey there, I was born and raised in western MT (out side Missoula). Ive worked as an ED PA in the state for nearly 7 years.


The Missoula area has a lot to offer for recreational opportunities, especially if you out door recreation. to say that "Missoula is totally a hippie town" is just not true. Thou it is the liberal bastion of the state.


aed9 is correct in that PA opportunities are greater in rural areas (depending on your specialty).


Feel free to pm me if you have questions/want more information.   

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