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Websites for job hunting

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I am about to start applying for jobs as I am graduating in the near future.  My school is not in the state where I want to work.


What websites did you all find helpful?  What recruiting services are worth utilizing?


Also, did you go to hospital websites and look under careers?  Or ever send a CV to HR?


Thanks in advance.  I searched the forum but could not find a good thread.  Right now I have been searching docafe, indeed, monster, pajobsite.

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Check QuestCare for that dream hospitalist position that was previously mentioned in another thread (Dallas area). They're throughout the state now. If not open now give it a few weeks and I'm sure it'll pop back up again. UTSW also has been posting for a new PA hospitalist program. It also is your 12 hr. shift with what I was told would be 7/7 coverage.

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www.healthecareers.com - and make sure you look under NP and PA

usajobs.gov - if you are looking federal

craigslist - heck it is free - but most the jobs on it stink

the hospital web sites for the areas you are looking


I have only used a headhunter once, they did work nicely and got my salary meet - but the job was a nightmare....



Also have used DocCafe 

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Join the state PA association where you plan to work.  They may have a job board for members only.  You also support your future, your career and the PA profession.




etc... each state PA association likely has their own website... check it out.


AAPA has a job listing board.  Join them as a student, its cheaper (again, they support your career and our future).



SEMPA career center: 






PA World:



Society of Hospital Medicine:



Society of Critical Care Medicine (has a job board):



Society of Oncology PAs (I NEVER heard of this association until I just googled it just NOW out of the blue based on your possible interest... google is your friend :)




CV surgery PA association:




American Association of Surgical PAs:




Organization for Ortho PAs:




Association of Neurosurgery PAs:




ETC... it seems every specialty has its own PA organization...


Go to the website of some PA programs in that state, they often have job postings/links for that region.


Google "texas hospitals" or whereever you are interesting in working.  Visit each hospital website and apply online/contact HR; blind forward your cover letter and resume.


In addition to all of the obvious: hotjobs, monster, etc.


Most importantly network anybody you know in the healthcare field (RN, MD, etc.)...


I am sure I missed some... google is your friend. :)

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If you haven't tried this already you may want to try the local PA associations. They also have job boards and I know ours here in NY make sure that they are positions that are available.



I found my job using Indeed.com

But the best way to find a job is networking!


Good luck!

And yep

All good advice, now make us proud W A S

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I also went to a school in another state from where I practice now. In my case, I went away for school, and came back home after graduation, so I had a few contacts locally.


I set up a Google alert for myself for "Physician Assistant Job [city name]." I had a couple versions, with specialty names in there as well. I had this going 6 or 8 months prior to graduation, to get a sense of how often jobs are posted, and how most of them are presented.

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