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Symptom Guide/Help with DDx Resource

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Hi! I did a search but couldn't find a thread like this. Seems like it must have been discussed before. I am looking for a useful guide to forming DDx based on symptoms. Something that I could quickly flip to a CC to see if I'm missing anything glaringly obvious in the differential. Or an app would be even better. I am on ER rotation right now and I feel like I keep missing important things in the differential. 


Has anyone tried/heard about the Common Symptom Guide from Lange that is $19.99 in the Apple App Store? Worth it? 


About to check out the free Dx Saurus app right now...


Thank you! 

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We had to buy the common symptom guide and I personally didn't like it. I agree with the above post: epocrates. You do have to pay a subscription once a year. But it's a great resource to get the info you need fast. They also throw you frequent updates on treatment and what not. Sorry for sounding like a salesman lol



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