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  1. CT here; our volume has been way down. Main ED typically had 95-110 patients on the board all winter long during the day; lately it’s been been 30-40. COVID numbers definitely growing, but everyone else has been staying away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Got my P100 respirator today; fallback in case we get to the point of needing bags of leaves in the ED...
  3. Holding out until the last minute before my next shift, but I'll be saying goodbye to my beard this week as well; wish I could just sell them on giving me a PAPR instead...
  4. Must be nice to have testing readily available. We still can't test anyone who isn't being admitted, and need to jump through a host of hoops with public health to even try and make this happen. I've had colleagues in the ED with high-risk patients who were denied testing by the health department. We should have been prepared for this is a nation well before now, but instead we are scrambling to catch-up.
  5. Yes, they had agreed to refunding anyone who had to cancel due to a travel ban. Now that the conference is cancelled it’s a moot point; everyone is getting refunded. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Yes for us; I had to cancel attending the SEMPA Conference next week, along with a group of our other PAs.
  7. Can't speak to it personally, but I know that they are out there. My health system has two PAs who serve as Medical Informatics Officers
  8. Always the big question I've heard; then what? Even if you clamp the aorta and stop the loss, are you putting them on a chopper with an open chest and no perfusion below the clamp? I could see an argument for it in a stab wound, tamponade on echo and lost pulses in front of you... maybe you get lucky and have a single puncture in the heart you can close. Besides the cost of equipment, I think it's also important to consider the risk of bloodborne pathogen exposure and the impact on the rest of the department if the odds of a successful resuscitation are close to zero.
  9. Off-topic, but wondering your thoughts on the risk/benefit of a thoracotomy in a resource-limited setting? Unless you have surgical backup arriving extremely quickly (I'm guessing a challenge in a solo provider rural ER), what are you gaining that can't be done with an ultrasound probe on the heart and a couple of chest tubes?
  10. Agreed; between the two organizations, AAEM has always been the more anti-PA or NP organization. The recently updated their position statement on APPs, and at the same time dissolved their "allied health" membership category that had allowed for APPs to join, feeling that it was against their philosophy to allow non-physicians to be a part of the organization.
  11. Another Nebraska alum here; overall had a very good experience with them. Mine was over a decade ago so I'm sure the process had changed significantly now but it wasn't a terrible workload; for comparison I completed my MBA last year and found it to be much more rigorous in terms of coursework and assignments.
  12. It's a pretty famous children's hospital here on the East Coast; have to say I didn't give it a second thought when I heard CHOP! No worse than saying UCLA Medical Center instead of University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center...
  13. Agree with Kargiver; we served on the board together and there were certainly ups and downs in terms of amount of time needed. Get a sense of how much of the time can be done remotely through email and conference calls vs. meeting in person; the travel commitment can be a big one depending on the organization, and your responsibilities at home.
  14. The thought is that we can reduce the need for patients physically returning for things like wound checks and hopefully cut down on bounce backs and re-admissions if we can check in on some higher-risk patients. Not sure how the billing will work; above my pay grade I'm afraid...
  15. Anyone who has experience with seeing patients virtually in a telemedicine setting have tips or advice? Our ED is running a pilot project doing follow-up visits with ED patients using video visits. I can definitely see challenges to the loss of hands on examination, access to vital signs, etc.; love to get some advice on how to get the most benefit from the trial.
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