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misc questions!

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I don't work in ER, but do UC attached to a family practice; we are the only minor care for the local ER and are attached to their hospital.

1. Yes. I do back to work notes for gastroenteritis, URIs, strep, etc. if they have met certain symptom free durations and are reliable. I would not do these in the ER unless it was so stated in a policy; this is the work of the PCP or the UC in the PCPs office.

2. Nope. I don't Rx controlled substances for anybody but patients that I have seen and evluated and decided they need them. Our FP has a system whereby the covering docs can do this if they so desire. I would not do this in the ER, either. If they're on a benzo for anxiety, try vistaril or something like it.

3. Opiates are cat C in pregnancy. Hydrocodone is not a bad choice. APAP#3 is probably better.


Hope that my lowly UC opinion helps.

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