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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone used this book/CD for studying? I really like their setup and everything, but I find that I am struggling HARD on the questions they have on the CD. I usually do pretty decent on questions banks, like LANGE, Kaplan, etc. but these I am having such a hard time! Anyone else?
  2. If you can basically get a Bachelors degree in what ever you want to, then why do PA schools even require it. Why can't you just take the pre-requisites and gain HCE and apply?
  3. Does anyone in the ER do Back to work clearances in the ER. Also Does anyone usually write BDZ refill for patient with "their docs out of town"
  4. Hello Everyone, I just graduated from UC Berkeley this past spring. I have a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. I went to a CC for two years then transferred to UCB. I have a GPA of about 3.4 (~70 units) from the CC and a 2.94 (~52 units) from UC Berkeley. My Science GPA is just below a 3.0. I am signed up to take Anatomy (5 Units) and an EMT (6units) class at Los Medanos Community College Next Semester. I plan on working as an EMT full time from June 2013 until I apply in 2014. In the meantime I will be Taking Micro and physio in the Fall (2013) and will be working on the Afghan Women's Breast Health Project while tutoring Chemistry and Math on the side. I will also look into shadowing a PA at the county hospital. 1. Does anybody know the job outlook for EMTs in the Bay Area. How should I go about getting a full-time position now if I want to start work in June? 2. I am fluent in Farsi/Dari. Does Farsi/Dari count as knowing a language of a minority population in California (Because I know UC Davis really favors bilingual students), or are they looking more for the generic knowledge of Spanish and Mandarin, etc? 3. When does the cycle for PA applications open, when does it close and when is the best time to apply? 4. How do I calculate my CAPSA gpa? Does CAPSA include (+) and (-) grades? What about P or NP? 5. Any suggestions on what else will strengthen my application for UC Davis? I will also apply to other Northern California Schools (such as Stanford, Samuel Merritt, Touro) but my number 1 choice is UC Davis. Any and all suggestions would be highly appreciated. THANK YOU!
  5. Well finally feel like I have a home (after I tried a few specialties I am back in primary care) the only bad thing is the pay. So to ask people what I should ask for in my upcoming review Currently: 10yr PA Outpatient IM/FP See 25-28 patients per day 36hr work week 4 x 8hr day work week in office plus 1/2 day in NH $84k, 4weeks, 2000k CME, full health for myself and family with no cost to me Two sides of the debate - nationally FP/IM only gets mid 90's and I am just below this but when I figure what I am generating for the practice (min 100 patients per week at $60-figure mostly level 3 but some 2's) is $6000 per week for 44 weeks is 264,000 per year(minimum) of income and I figure I use 105,000(84,000+15k health+5k bennies). Now I realize I need to cover 2x's my cost so that is 210,000 but there is another 50k floating around that I am trying to get the gumption up to ask for part of. Anyone have any decent bonus structures for IM/FP? Should I just be happy where at? (BTW my last job was EM and I was at 120,000 so this was hard swallow but worth it as I am happy) Just don't want to give my services away and also want to set up a correct pay scale for newer grads..... thoughts......
  6. Hello I am a first year PA student and I am struggling with my gross Anatomy class and cadaver labs. It seems like the harder I study for these classes, the worse my grades get. Obviously, I am doing something wrong. One of my problems is that I study by myself all the time because I always feel like study groups study at a fast pace for me. Therefore, I end up studying by myself and not understanding the material:( I just found one study partner and it seems to help a little. I need to bring up my grade for anatomy ASAP. Any suggestions? Thanks
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