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  1. I work in a ER that sees a good share of patients which every ER sees, then we have a special group who fall into either 1) Drunk, ETOH, Cocaine, Meth user who is agitated and aggressive. 2) Psychotic, angry and combative. My question is what medications, dosages, route, are best to help control these patients, i don't not necessary want to sedate them, overall goal is to protect the patient from himself and from staff members. Our hospital does not stock Droperidol.
  2. Also How do you guys usually treat Ob patients with Pain, i.e Dental pain.
  3. Does anyone in the ER do Back to work clearances in the ER. Also Does anyone usually write BDZ refill for patient with "their docs out of town"
  4. D2305 rhabdo answer is also one I'd like to add, did u guys get a ck on the patient.
  5. Did the patient have any rash or any other physical finding. maybe marine envenomation hyper/hyponatremia ( salt water ingestion or excessive sweating) heat exhaustion
  6. IS there any discounts for SEMPA
  7. IS there any discounts for SEMPA
  8. My contact doesn't actually say base of $45 it actually only states my compensation will be ” base + productivity” I just happen to know $45 /hr from someone who works there. Should I get a numerical value worked into the contract'?

  9. Yea everything else checks out including benefits, holiday, CME malpractice with tail etc etc.
  10. Hey guys im a new grad in contract with a large staffing "provider of EM services" kinda like EMcare. Now In my contract where it discusses wages and compensation it states "compensation will be 45/hr base + Productivity compensation model". They state the average PA at the site that i will be working at average about $70-$85/hour after productivity is factored in. **This place is very rural but there is always a PA/MD around (working) when i'll be working in case need for backup. a) How do you guys feel about this offer. b)With the given base rate it is conceivable for the hourly to jump to $70-85??? c) Can someone explain what productivity means in this capacity. d) Are there any questions that you would want to ask your potential employers if you were in my shoes? any help would be appreciated.
  11. Does anyone know if one does locums type work, does he/she need to be licensed in that particular state as well or can he/she hold any state license. I ask because i've had multiple offers but different requirements.
  12. yea pharm was a good part of the test. pharm isnt really hard its jus alot of info. i think its easy to get points in this area.
  13. I recently took the pance and didnt pass on my first attempt, i felt all the emotions that accompany failure but i came to this site and used it to review make a plan and study for the exam. Books used . 1) Step up to medicine. 2) Appleton and Lange Q &A. 3) Currents 2011. 4) Harrisons 5) Bates (the phycial exam book) 5) cecil. 6) AAPA ( only good for PSY and maybe derm) 7) Kaplan 8) DAVIS 9) Datachem 10) 2 WEEk subscription to Exam master. 11) Wheelless (dukes ORTHO site) 12) Youtube any disease it usually has a 2 minute video animation on the patho of a disease. Basically i studied the major topics from the harrisons and cecil. like CHF, MI, Cancers from harrisons and Cecil since they are meticulously comprehensive with their info. It was tough reading and very thick but it was necessary. The smaller average sized topics i used currents and step up to medicine to study from. THINGS ONE MUST KNOW. 1)If going through step up to medicine (which is 1000000000X better then the aapa book) u should know every FIRST AND SECOND line TX to everything mentioned in the blueprint. 2) Know Every DRUG class and their general mechanism or ACtion and MAJOR ADRs. 3) I have been on this site for a while and havent seen people mention Bates guide to physical exam but its an excellent book to use to study. Each section, at the end of the section breaks down MAJOR Most common physical exam stuff that is often tested on the boards/ relavant to real life encounters such as hernias. 4) EKGs ( know how to tx all EKG stuff) http://www.medicine-on-line.com/html/ecg/e0001en_files/14.htm http://www.emedu.org/ecg/givemall.php I believe the test is very fair. WHen taking the test for the first time i tried to assimilate as many loose facts as possible without any deep connections or attachment to it. (WRONG MOVE) the best way to pass the test is to really learn this stuff so that no matter what way they ask a question u can get the correct answer by thinking. WAY to study given the three months i covered all the topics back and forth. After i was done with a topic i did all the questions SPECIFIC to that topic from every book of questions i had. Last 2.5 weeks before exam i did PURE questions and studied here and there. theres much more to say but i dunno what exactly to write if anyone has questions u can write them here ill check back in a day and continue checking. i just wanna help u guys (new to pance or 2nd 3rd 4th, 5th etc) oh as far as progression i was getting Original packrat 141 original score 320 PANCE Data chem consistant with 75s ish. Kaplan book 75s AAPA qs ....80 exam master 55-77 PANCe score 706 OHh also read the cardi review on here plus the section of triggger words on phrases again plx comment if u have a question
  14. Hey guys i'm studying for the PANCE and im wondering about the calibur of the USMLE type questions. Not sure if anyone has used these to study. The questions are very long and wordy but the content is spectacular was wondering if this type of questions would suffice for something like Kaplan or exam master. Any thoughts.?? Pance in 3 WEEKSS plx advise.
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