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First draft...please take a look :)

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Hey you guys!


So this is a rough draft and I haven't come to a conclusion yet. I just want to see what you guys think of it so far. Does it have anything going for it? What would you leave out or add more too? I appreciate any thoughts, opinions, and criticism. I hate essays because so much is riding on just a bunch of words :( Well good luck to anyone else applying this year!! THanks for your time




It was February 26th 2012 on a cold Sunday night in Sioux Falls, SD. It was my birthday, but that was the last thing on my mind. I looked out the window and saw the light from the moon shimmering off the frost covered snow on the ground. Inside the room was warm, peaceful and calm. My grandmother laid in her bed surrounded by my family and I. Her eyes closed and her breathing faint. I look at the clock, it read 11:56 pm and at that moment my grandmother took her last breathe. The Alzheimer’s finally proved too much for her. She lived four years with this disease but we never let it take away from her life. Everything that happened in those years rushed through my mind. The daily routine of getting her ready for the day and feeding her. Making sure she took her medications. Spending days and sleeping nights in the hospital. It was difficult, but I would do it all over again if I had too. What mattered most was that my grandmother was cared for and lived a life that was most comfortable to her. That final moment when my grandmother said goodbye I was not overcome with sadness. I was filled with content and peace knowing she lived her life to the fullest with the time she had left.


It was my grandmother that made me realize I had a passion to help others and wanted to become a Physician Assistant. The first time I met a PA was when my grandmother was in the hospital. His great bedside manner assured us that she was in good hands. His genuine care made the experience easier on all of us. I wanted to have that same impact on others that he had on us. I started researching about PA’s and realized if I was serious about a career as a PA I was to learn more about the profession and healthcare in general. I was coming from a background in business graduating with an economics degree and no prior healthcare experience. It was going to be challenge but I knew I had the will to go forward.


In 2009 I began working as Certified Nursing Assistant at a acute/long-term care facility. I loved being responsible for the residents. When my grandmother was sick I remember how grateful I was for those that took great care of her. I made sure I did the same for my residents. I built a strong relationship with the people I cared for and I got along with my coworkers. I realized working together as a team provided the best care for the residents and made the day more fun. It felt so natural working in this environment that it didn’t seem like a job. Within one year I was employee of the month. It required hard work but that is part of the job. After two years I worked as a medical assistant at a chronic pain management clinic. I was able to learn more about the clinical side of medicine. I learned how to perform physical examinations, diagnose chronic pain, and determine proper treatment plans. Communication was important and by talking with the patient about their daily lives such as work, family or any stresses, we had a better understanding of their overall problem. By using a holistic approach, I learned that medicine was just as much about the emotional and mental state of the patient than just the physical.


In March 2011 I had the opportunity to serve on a medical mission in Belize. When I first arrived I couldn’t believe the squalid conditions these people were living and with no access to medical care. We set up a medical clinic to distribute medication, provide medical care, and answer any health questions. I was filled with empathy for these people and so grateful that I was able to help no matter how big or small. At the end of the mission I spoke with the supervising physician and he told me there was always great demand for people to come and help. It is my goal to one day go back with more experience and healthcare skills and continue to help those in need.


Shadowing Physician Assistants Chad Hemminger, PA-C and Elena Summerlin, PA-C, I observed orthopedic surgeries, wound care from burns to cuts, and performing physical examinations. The relationship between the PAs and their patients was respectful and professional. I was happy to see how much the PA interacted with the patients, explaining any procedures and answering questions. I was able to see the role they played in the healthcare team. Spending time in the shadow of these PAs reassured that I had found a career I was passionate about. My desire to become a PA was even greater.


While over the course of working and exploring the PA profession I completed the pre-requisites for PA school and spent my free time volunteering. During my first years of college my mentality and interests were lacking. My grades reflected this but over time I matured and realized the importance of my education. My approach when taking the pre-requisites was not just about the grades but to apply the material outside the classroom. I also volunteered for the American Red Cross Blood Services. As a volunteer, I worked with nurses to register donors, explain the donation process, and monitor people after giving blood to ensure their safety. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to work for a greater cause and help alongside other health professionals. My full time schedule has taught me to be efficient and well organized. I think my ability to handle a stressful load but not let it affect my focus will prepare me for the mental and physical challenges in PA school.

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