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  1. This is copied from paadmissions "Ask a PA Admissions Director." I found it hiding in the bowels of that forum (page 81), and I figured placing it here would make it very handy for those perusing personal statements and seeking advice. Posted 20 May 2014 - 02:46 PM Hi guys! I've put together some hints for writing a good personal statement below. These hints were gathered from several medical school websites and from our own experience with our program. Hope this helps! The personal statement is required as a part of any application to PA school. Many applicants make writing a per
  2. So I recently finished my final draft and I was hoping someone would be able to look over it and give some feedback. I’ve re-read it so many times now and I just want to fix any grammatical errors I may have missed and be sure that it flows well. Thank you in advance!
  3. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for people to post their successful CASPA essays so that new applicants can get a better idea of what schools are looking for as they write their own. I will begin by posting a link to mine below (it is posted in my blog). Please comment with your own examples if you are an accepted student. My CASPA Personal Statement (as an example)
  4. Hello! So I am definitely reapplying this year. Last year was my first time applying and I made the mistake of sending my application in summer instead of when the portal opened. Since then I have taken a few extra courses, acquired more HCE (almost doubled) and am planning on changing jobs to get a different experience. I was wondering how I should adapt my essay to this new cycle? Obviously I do not want to send in the exact same essay, but my feelings about being a PA are still the same. I was interviewed by a few top ranked programs but did not get in because of the large applicant pool (a
  5. Good afternoon everyone, I just want to know any suggestions for the personal essay. Any suggestions on how to go about it? A lot of the stuff I have read seems very broad. I just do not want to sound cliche or over dramatic with my writing. Thank you and have a good one.
  6. I am having trouble with starting my personal statement. People keep telling me to start it off with an experience or anecdote to draw the readers in..There is not just ONE experience that sparked my dream of working in the medical field. I feel as though the various experiences I have had collectively have drawn me into the medical field. Here are a few topics I was thinking of starting my personal statement with..Please give me any feedback! (I am interested in specializing in dermatology, but by no means am I committed to this specialty!!) 1.) I currently work as a medical assistant in
  7. I've been working hard on my PS. I trashed my first one and rewrote a complete new one, and this is what I've revised a few times, so I'm curious what others think. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! I'll attach it below, so just click on the file! Personal Statement version 3.docx
  8. I researched and researched online and every thing I read said to try and make myself shine as much as possible in my personal statement. "Try to be authentic and be yourself" I felt like I did just that and a proof reader told me my essay was immature and if I submit it I wont get into PA school. I wanted to ask anyone kind enough to read my personal statement their opinions please!! I am the child in my household that is responsible for all of my parents’ grey hairs. My mother constantly told me, “Bradley, do not touch the stove. It is hot!” What did I do? I touched it and then
  9. I have revised my PS after I was given help with my rough draft from ajames, and I was curious what some of you thought of it. It is under the 5000 character mark, so I'm happy about that. Feel free to leave any critiques; things to add, cut, etc. I will gladly go over someone else's if they would like! Thanks! PA personal statement revision.docx
  10. EMS calls ahead, and gives report "66-year-old female patient, unresponsive, multiple epis given, amio drip, bicarb, CPR, intubated … asystole, 15 minutes down time, will arrive in 10 minutes," is what I overhear over the radio while I am working in catching up with my charts. EMS arrived with the unresponsive patient, everyone in the ER rapidly working together trying to save her. The doctor frantically giving orders, asking EMS for more information. As per EMS, the patient was in dialysis when she suddenly collapsed. Sadly, after an hour of attempting resuscitation, it was time to call it, t
  11. How is it that sometimes we find our purpose in tragedy. I lost my grandma to diabetes. Diabetes did not take mercy on her. It took her slowly, until there was nothing else to take. It started with her kidneys, they slowly stopped functioning, so she had to be placed on dialysis. Lucky for her, my aunts cared enough to be trained on the process, and she was able to have it done in her home, that's if you consider that lucky. The next thing diabetes took was her sight. It continued taking from her until there was nothing more to take. As if losing your sight was not enough, it took the sensatio
  12. I spent the day writing my personal statement. I feel like it's not complete but I'm well over the 5000 character mark. It's around 7000, I believe. If anyone would like to see it and possibly critique it/make edits, I'll appreciate any advice. I could have talked more about other things, like taking care of my grandfather for three years after his heart surgery and all, but this seemed more relevant towards approaching healthcare as a team. I've been looking at it too long, though. A fresh pair of eyes would help, thanks. PA personal statement.docx
  13. How is it that sometimes we find our purpose in tragedy. I lost my grandma to diabetes. Diabetes did not take mercy on her. It took her slowly, until there was nothing else to take. It started with her kidneys, they slowly stopped functioning, so she had to be placed on dialysis. Lucky for her, my aunts cared enough to be trained on the process, and she was able to have it done in her home, that's if you consider that lucky. The next thing diabetes took was her sight. It continued taking from her until there was nothing more to take. As if losing your sight was not enough, it took the sensatio
  14. Help! This is my second time applying and due to family stuff I am applying later than I wanted to. If anyone is willing to edit my personal statement I would greatly appreciate it. Sending good vibes, Tegest :)
  15. So I work as a phlebotomist for a staffing agency for a big healthcare company and had a placement in a health center where there are about 8 or so doctors, a PA, and an NP. During my lunch breaks I would see one of the doctors in the break room and we began exchanging pleasantries and I made him laugh once at a joke and we introduced ourselves. His office was right next to the break room and I always saw him with the door open. This was my 2nd week at this new job and I approached him and mentioned how I am interested in becoming a PA and heard there was a PA in the health center and inquired
  16. Ok guys, I need some guidance and advice. I applied to about 15 schools this year, a bit late in the cycle (verified in August, but submitted from August-September). I definitely wasn’t prepared for how competitive the application process was, I had the bare minimum in terms of patient care experience and shadowing, and I had a really difficult time getting professors and managers to submit letters of recommendation on time. Needless to say, the best news I got was a “waitlist to interview” from two schools, and rejections from the rest. Here are my stats so you get a better idea: Undergr
  17. To help you write your own personal statements, I have decided to post my own essay as an example. It is not my best writing, but it got the job done. I was offered interviews at four competitive schools and was accepted at three (I turned down the other interview). My CASPA personal statement is reproduced in its entirety on my blog, linked below. Enjoy! http://pajourney.com/2015/03/13/my-caspa-personal-statement-as-an-example/
  18. Curious what everyone thinks about including quotes in personal statements and/or statements of purpose (in supplemental apps). Are they too lame to include or, if short and appropriate, a good idea?
  19. For anybody looking for real world examples of physician assistant school personal statements we have compiled a list of 31 essay samples submitted through our free personal statement review service. Just a reminder Don’t copy (plagiarize) from samples, examples, or anything not an original thought. 31 Physician Assistant Personal Statement Examples These sample essays should help you as you decide what to write, or what not to write, on your PA school personal statement. It is important to note that these are examples of what other PA school applicants have submitted and are not
  20. Everyone always seems to have that “ah ha” moment, that one specific life altering experience that solidified their want to be a physician assistant, but for me, it’s different I’ve had half a lifetime of those moments. It started freshman year of high school when my younger sister sliced her leg on a nail. It was a deep slice that had gone down to the muscle, blood was gushing everywhere and I was in awe; I just kept staring at it and poking around. At that point in my life I knew very little about the human body yet it was captivating. This was my first, relevant, interaction with the id
  21. I have heard differing opinions and sides as to whether or not to talk about some bad grades throughout undergrad in your personal statement... Is this something you should definitely include? Or would focusing more on patient experiences/more impactful work that led you to the PA profession be more beneficial? Or should you figure out how to include a couple bad grades and good patient experiences all in one? Any and all advice much appreciated. Thank you.
  22. My dad knocking at my bedroom door shouting, “we have to go!” turned out to be the most frightening day of my life. The apartment building we were in was engulfed in flames! From previous training as an EMT and Firefighter, my dad displayed an immense amount of courage instructing my brothers and I as we covered our faces and crawled behind each other until eventually we made it slowly outside with second degree burns. This was the day I learned that if one cannot run, than walk, if one cannot walk, than crawl and no matter how long it may take to reach the end it is optimism and determination
  23. Hey guys, If I'm reapplying to a program that I was previously interviewed/ waitlisted at the previous cycle, should I mention that in my supplemental essay? I'm trying to figure out if I want to mention that I was previously waitlisted in my essay or if I should just expect they'll know that when they receive my application... i.e. I'm trying to figure out what to write that may convince them to accept me this time :) All opinions/ responses are appreciated!
  24. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to review my essay.
  25. This is the ONE question that you are sure to be asked by every school. In fact, you will be asked this multiple times and by multiple interviewers. And they way you answer might determine whether or not you are accepted. It follows that there is NO excuse for being caught off guard. And you better have a darn good answer. So let’s tackle this question together. Please read more from my blog post on this topic and let me know your thoughts! http://pajourney.com/2015/01/07/why-do-you-want-to-become-a-physician-assistant/
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