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  1. How important is it to go to a program with a name when you are looking for a job? That’s one of my main concerns . I got waitlisted/interviewed at a few schools with stellar reputations so I’m also nervous about going to a program no ones heard about outside that state
  2. Well it’s also that the program didn’t seem too supportive of their students. I talked to a friend who currently goes there and she says often the professors aren’t too helpful and some students tend to be competitive with eachother. Also the fact that the program is in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t have an alumn network or any real way of helping students get jobs after. I asked about those things at the interview and they seemed pretty vague in their answers. The current first year students at the interview all also seemed pretty clueless when I asked them questions
  3. So this is my second cycle applying and I’m currently on the waitlist at 3 schools (one waitlist I’m pretty deep in). Two of those schools are great programs I love when I interviewed. My only acceptance is to this program that I didn’t care for when I interviewed at it. It’s also located in a state with very extreme political laws in healthcare and I don’t think I would want to stay in that place to practice. Should I decline my acceptance and reapply next year to only my top schools?
  4. Does anyone know when they tell you if you're accepted waitlisted or rejected? They didn't say anything about it during my interview
  5. Thought I'd start a thread for applicants in this cycle
  6. I can't find this school on CASPA. Anyone know why?
  7. Thanks! great advice! Do I have to rewrite the whole essay or can I use parts of my previous essay that are still relevant such as how I decided to choose the pa route?
  8. Hello! So I am definitely reapplying this year. Last year was my first time applying and I made the mistake of sending my application in summer instead of when the portal opened. Since then I have taken a few extra courses, acquired more HCE (almost doubled) and am planning on changing jobs to get a different experience. I was wondering how I should adapt my essay to this new cycle? Obviously I do not want to send in the exact same essay, but my feelings about being a PA are still the same. I was interviewed by a few top ranked programs but did not get in because of the large applicant pool (according to the admissions offices). I usually do well in job interviews so I would hope my interviewing skills are not terrible, but maybe they just don't stand out as much when there are many others because I'm not a complete extrovert? I'm not really sure what exactly went wrong there. Also, should I reapply to the programs that interviewed me and rejected me as well? I would appreciate all the advice I can get! Thanks! :)
  9. So I was reviewing the Florida International University PA program website and they said that they admit over 90% of their class who are from Florida. I am not from Florida so I was wondering if the odds are stacked pretty highly against me for this school? Is it worth spending the money to apply here?
  10. It's two years long. The dual degree students do the MPH in one year though. I have a couple of poor grades but not many, I also don't have a competitive level of HCE, so I'm kind of curious if having an MPH would look better than just having a ton of hours?
  11. That's a good idea! I heard their MPH is actually pretty laid back, I could try to get shadowing and volunteer on the side. Their PAs take an accelerated version of the program in one year instead of two, maybe if I can double my course load it would save time and I'd have contacts in the program to reapply?
  12. So I applied to a dual degree program. They rejected me for PA but accepted me into their MPH. I think public health is interesting but I wouldn't say it's a huge passion of mine. I thought a good backup plan if I don't get into PA this cycle is to just do the MPH. Not sure how it will play out as I am still waiting on a ton of schools. It's in a great area, so I know I'll like being at that school, and the opportunities are great in the MPH program. However, I'm also concerned about being in a bucketload of debt with two master's degrees by the time I finish, but at the same time moving out of home and scrambling for a bunch of jobs and volunteer work to afford rent and living expenses seems very stressful(my other backup plan). Would it be better to pursue the master's or just work for another year or two, if worst case scenario I don't get into PA school this cycle?
  13. Some schools count research as HCE if it is working with patients. It also pays very well too, but I'd rather have some more "front line" experience.
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